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Marketing Strategy – Building Great Manufacturing Websites

We have created many manufacturing websites in the last 20 years. I would like to write today about what makes a great manufacturing website. A website that makes a manufacturing company thrive. Not just a basic brochure website that says this is us “”. A website that is thought out and planned.

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with companies to create successful websites to grow their businesses. Based on that experience, here is what every manufacturing company should know and hopefully execute to make their business thrive on the Internet:

  1. Define a Powerful Message
  2. Identify the Marketing differentiators for your company
  3. Identify the Personas that you need to attract
  4. Create a good Information Architecture for your site
  5. Gather your assets
  6. Hire an experienced company

1. Define a Powerful Message for Your Manufacturing Company

In the book Building a Story Brand from Donald Miller. He makes the case that most companies have very weak messages that really connect with company’s audiences.
It makes the case that most companies also position themselves as the greatest company on something and this is a losing or wrong approach. According to Donald Miller a company should position itself as a guide to the prospect. A guide who helps him/her to find the correct product for their need.

The book helps you to craft powerful messages for your organization. Highly recommend his book to anyone struggling with finding their message.

We have helped companies create powerful messages:

2. Identify the Marketing Differentiators

What makes your company different?
Is your widget:

  • Nicer
  • Newer
  • Cheaper
  • Easier to use
  • Easier to find
  • More accurate
  • More durable
  • Better looking

Gather the information that makes your product better.

3. Identify the Personas that You Need to Attract for Your Manufacturing Company

What are the market demographics the personas for your company?

  • Buyers of distribution companies
  • Consumers who need what?
  • Consultants who recommend your type of product.

We have a nice video that would help you to understand what we mean “Watch Video Marketing Field Guide”

4. Develop a Very Good Information Architecture for Your Manufacturing Website

This is time consuming and one of the most important tasks. However it is one of those low hanging fruit tasks, if done correctly will pay off great dividends, when the website is up and running. Example:

Primary Navigation:

  • Home
  • About Us
    • History
    • Warehouse
  • Blog
  • Login / Create Account
  • Cart
  • Help
  • Browse Catalog of Products
    • Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 etc.
  • Clearance
  • Rent Equipment
  • Contact Us
  • Coverage (Where we sell our products locations or distribution channel)
  • Why Us?

Secondary Navigation:

  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Site Map

5. Gather Your Assets or Plan for Your Manufacturing Website

This task is time consuming and again if it is done ahead of time it can be of great help to be efficient in the process of developing a good website for manufacturing companies.

List of Items to gather:

  • Photography
  • Products
    • Building
    • Executives
  • Logo Files
  • Brand Standards
  • List of Products
    • Sku
    • Description
    • Price
    • Color
    • ect

6. Hire a Company that is Experienced in the Process of Building Great Manufacturing Websites



Other good examples of our work: | |

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