Cazarin Interactive’s eProject System

Complete visibility and ease of access to your every project.

We become an extension of your company with this technology

Working with Cazarin comes with peace of mind unheard of in the creative services industry. Our internally developed project management system–eProject–gives clients complete visibility and ease of access to every project.

You’ll never have to wait for updates or answers. You get every detail, when you want it.

Your eProject dashboard

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Features You’ll Love


Dashboard Views


Controlled Views for Sensetive Data


Scheduled Reporting


Performance Metrics

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Client Logo

A dashboard is created custom for each client. The client’s logo and team members are featured along with other relevant project information.

Recent Accomplishments

Each week, we highlight the recent accomplishments from the previous week on both sides.

Upcoming Goals

Likewise, we highlight tasks to be completed in the upcoming week. For large scale projects, this is especially important as there are so many moving parts that it’s critical to understand what our objectives and milestones are at a weekly level.

Upcoming Milestones

The upcoming milestones section provides accurate reporting to your team about what stage of the project we are at and where we expect to be at different points in time.

Points of Contact

This section will show our team to yours, highlighting the Account Manager and Project Manager and their contact information.

Billing Support

This section provides full billing transparency by showing hours used and hours remaining in realtime for active projects.

Project Status & Reporting

This section showcases status updates of the project, the historical weekly reports that are sent to your team, and a breakdown of hours remaining compared to hours utilized.

Each week, our team sends a weekly report that includes accomplishments from the previous week, as well as goals for the upcoming week and deliverables that have been created. We also include important notices and next meeting details in this report.

Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Section showcases additional transparency to what our team is currently working on. The tasks are updated here, as well as real-time hour usage, showcasing a system that is open to you.

Links – Editorial Calendar, Creative Work, and Analytics Reporting

The links section is your hub to find everything in one place for any deliverable we present, creative assets, a drop folder for your team to use, reporting, and more. We like to think of it as our work at your fingertips.

Features You’ll Love


Easy Team Engagement


Action Request and Views

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In-Week Project Views


Control Time Spent


Attentive Project Coverage

Your schedule, not ours.

With eProject, you get to initiate and prioritize your projects–right from your dashboard. View hours utilized, and shift gears at a moment’s notice. It’s your money–spend it where you need it most.

Accountable reporting.

Ad agencies tend to be known for their ideas, not their transparency. We are known for both. eProject tracks and reports on every task. Every task we accomplish for you is sent right to your inbox, every week. Don’t wonder where your money goes… see for yourself.

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