Marketing Automation

Marketing automation IS the future of digital marketing. It organizes all your marketing interactions under one umbrella.

Your Marketing Automation Experts

Let Us Add the Rocket Fuel to Your Marketing Strategy with Sharpspring Automation Integration and Cazarin Interactive Marketing Automation Know-How

Automation: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Unify sales and marketing in one system. Convert potential to powerful marketing. Marketing Automation can shape a prospect journey from start to Finish.

  • Trigger relevant sales interactions to new leads.
  • Re-engage inactive leads and opportunities automatically
  • Create inbound marketing funnels that educate your leads on your brand offerings.
  • Create automated invitations, emails, and follow-up customized campaigns.
  • Measure your bottlenecks and optimize your marketing and sales.

Communication: Create a Personal Brand Experience

Strengthen Your Brand Impact. Customize Your Presence.Execute customized campaigns to make targets aware of your value

  • Save all contacts and their activities in one spot for successful segmentation.
  • Provide personalized content and re-targeting efforts that trigger engagement.
  • Create emails that contain adapted content for each lead.
  • Individualize journeys based on lead interactions.
  • Measure which content works with informative reporting tools.

Conversion: Transform Leads into Customers easier

Motivate your contacts. Energize your Leads. Engage Your Customers With SharpSpring tools and Cazarin Interactive know-how, you can:

  • Convert more site visitors into leads with customized landing pages.
  • Qualify your prospects with personalized, automated nurturing.
  • Create content and social media from one hub that unifies your brand value proposition and engages more visitors.
  • Increase SEO results with content that gets noticed, published at the right time.
  • Report on which channels and efforts are driving results.

How Do We Help? Cazarin Components: The Factors that Drive Successful Automation



We help create a strategy and plan for personas, keywords, content And campaigns.



We assist in creating  sales funnels that generate new leads and Potential clients.



We can build a stronger website that engages and meets SEO goals.



From blogs to emails to case studies,we help you create content that converts.



Facebook and Google, including reporting and our expert analysis of What works.


Intro to Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Process

Marketing Funnel


Marketing Funnel

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