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Rural Transit Assistance Program

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Educational technology is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.When referred to with its abbreviation, EdTech, it is often referring to the industry of companies that create educational technology.

Who Is This For?

For any RTAP organization in the USA, institution, or organization who needs to implement a website to train people and eLearning with reporting, testing and lessons.
We have a lot of experience with RTAP (Rural Transit Assistance Program)
We created one of the most sophisticated RTAP Websites in the country for the state of Minnesota.  www.mnrtap.us

The current situation surrounding COVID-19 has forced many organizations, companies, and agencies to complete as much work and training out of office as possible. This requires a flexible online presence that matches physical presence when applicable, or making changes to have a stronger online presence. The integration of an eLearning platform or Distance Learning is a solution to enhance processes.

  • eLearning ————– You learn at your own pace, watch lessons any time built with video, pdf’s or powerpoint material.
  • Distance Learning —  Teacher and students are logged into a platform in remote locations.  Software allows for students to ask questions raise hands take tests, obtain certificates of course completion.  Perfect for today’s time of social distancing.
  • Webinar ————- Person presents information to a group of people, no tests, no records of completion communication is usually one to many people only with a few questions perhaps.


Distance Learning


Benefits: Business Continuity, Flexibility all the Time

Case Study:  RTAP Minnesota (Rural Transit Assistance Program)

Cazarin Interactive was contracted by DRB Consulting the State of Minnesota and RTAP to create a sophisticated website eLearning system that allows for drivers throughout the state of Minnesota to signup for training. The website system has the ability for students to obtain certifications, take quizzes, take attendance, reporting, request scholarships and other features as requested. Initially the web system was created to schedule training only in a classroom.

Cazarin developed a very sophisticated website system that offers different permission settings for:

  • Students (drivers)
  • Managers of drivers
  • Administrators at facilities
  • RTAP Administrators

The current situation surrounding COVID-19 with the need for social distancing calls for general people gathering to stop and closures of locations where these educational situations typically happen. In order for MN RTAP to continue advancing with their training, the current system is being converted in a Distance Learning system. This new website with an eLearning system will allow drivers to take classes from any location (remotely). The trainers will be providing the lesson via Video and Teleconference technologies and will be able to manage attendance and certifications within the website.

We are very happy with the RTAP system developed for the State of Minnesota
Harinee Iyengar, Project Manager RTAP

Internal Communication

  • Slack
  • Chat Systems
  • Phones
  • Zoom Video
  • bWell Software
  • Intranet Systems

External Communication

  • Chat Systems
  • Phones
  • Zoom Video
  • bWell Software


  • SalesForce
  • SharpSpring
  • Goldmine

Project Management Systems

  • eProject
  • Smartsheet
  • Workbook
  • Trello
  • Zoho
  • Jira
  • Basecamp


  • Reporting
  • Time Tracking systems

Cazarin Interactive Offerings


  • Develop the necessary specifications to match your own organization’s circumstances
  • Understanding all of your needs working outside of the office
  • Implementing accountability systems

Website Design and Development 

  • Full Service:
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Development of Specifications 
    • Design
    • Programming
    • ADA Compliance
    • Hosting Service
    • Reporting
  • Building a Sophisticated Website to support your training needs.

Systems Development Integration

  • Selecting the necessary systems for:
    • Communication
    • Accountability
    • Reporting
  • Integrating the systems to make sure they work seamlessly

Process Development

  • Identifying and providing solutions to processes that are affected by in-person environments


  • Training staff on usage of the system and online capabilities
  • Drafting and providing user guides in an easy to read format for use by staff and individuals within the organization
  • Ensuring processes and procedures are working

Ongoing Support

  • Provide support to make sure the system works well continuously

We have experience and knowledge for a portion or a complete solution.
RTAP eLearning, Distance Learning or Webinars.

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