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Why You Need It

Search engines like Google demand websites that change constantly and give priority to those sites when indexed for results.

Our team will nurture your company’s website on an ongoing basis:

  • Know you’re site’s technicalities and keep up to date on renewals and upgrades.
  • Keep your online brand always in its best shape.
  • Keep a close watch on cyber security concerns.
  • Improve it constantly to yield better results.
  • Run daily backups to keep your information safe.

Hacker Attacks

Hacker attacks are increasing and software viruses are being injected into servers.  Hosting on a shared server increases the probabilities of having your website infected by hackers.

If your business depends greatly on its website we recommend the Silver, Gold or VIP program which will put the website on a dedicated server.

Malware virus notice from Google
Avoid software virus infections by having a dedicated server.

Once a website is infected Google suspends access to the website.  We have to follow these steps:

  1. Clean – Scrub the Website of the Software Virus – sometimes is easy to find sometimes the virus is well hidden and in several places of the website.
  2. Verify: Make sure we have website cleaned and run a test with Google tools.
  3. Inform Google:  Inform Google the website has been cleaned.
  4. Wait : Once we notify Google we have to wait for them to take it out of their list of infected websites.  This usually takes 24 to 48 hours after clean up.
  5. Prevent:  Recommend the Silver or Gold program to have a firewall and on a dedicated server to reduce the probability of software virus infection.

Web Nurture OPTIONS

Includes Silver $395 Monthly
Gold $795 Monthly
VIP $1,295 Monthly
Hosting on a Shared Environment
WordPress Monthly Patching
WordPress Monthly Patching and reviewing – 1 hour monthly
Daily Cloud Backup
Commitment for 1 year and any additional hour is at $135 instead of $150.
SSL Certificate
Tech Support VIP Schedule
Hosting on a Dedicated Server non eCommerce improving performance
Security Monitoring
Monthly Performance Reporting
Speed – Performance – Activity
ADA Compliance With Certificate
Hours of Support Monthly 3 6.25 10
Firewall for Cyber Protection recommended for sites with high traffic or hosting vital information
Cazarin Connect Widget
Total Hours of Support in a 12-month period 3 monthly hours 36 hours Web Support in a year. Total of 48 hours 6.25 monthly hours 75 hrs Web Support in a year. Total of 87 hours 10 monthly hours 100 hrs Web Support in a year. Total of 112 hours

Unsafe if one of the websites security is compromised the rest of them usually get compromised as well.

WordPress is put together by a theme and plugins. It is like putting together a puzzle of programming code. The theme and plugins need to be updated regularly, often weekly and sometimes monthly. Recommend twice per month.

Backup on the Cloud to have a good disaster recovery plan. If it is on the cloud it is usually in backed on a couple physical places.

Savings on work we perform becomes less expensive to you.

Secured Certificate to protect your website.  It is needed whether or not you capture prospect information.  Google has demanded a certificate for over two years now.

You will receive preference and a higher level of response from our technical support staff.

We are setting up each website on a dedicated server or individual firewall for best performance and security.

We put in place a Firewall to monitor attacks. (Gold Level only)

We provide a comprehensive report to show you the health of your website.

A sophisticated application to make your website 100% ADA compliant. (Gold Level only)

We can install a Firewall to protect the website and be able to monitor attacks or traffic from Asia or Europe. (Gold Level only)

Cazarin has developed a widget to make it easier to contact your company. It is on the screen ALL the time. (Gold Level only)

Maintenance Program includes:

    • Gives you  important priority status for technical calls 
    • You can use up to Monthly Hours X 2 ahead of time.  Any additional hours billed at the special rate purchased within the program
    • If paid annually you can use ALL hours at any time and receive a 10% discount
    • Includes monthly WordPress patching & Daily Backups
    • Includes hacking support with priority
    • Even after your company has used up their web nurturing marketing hours of included support, they will receive a discount on any added hours.  Our regular hourly rate is $150. With this plan, you will only be billed at $135 per hour. (Website support is given only for regular hours)
    • Monthly performance Report
      • Ideas for your web support time
        • FAQ’s
        • Blog
        • Case Studies
        • SEO campaign
        • Infographics

Marketing Support Could include:

  • Web Support
  • Programming forms or pages
  • SEO Support
  • Web Enhancements
  • Technical Support

12 months commitment

Clients commit to one year of web support where they are provided the following benefits:

  • Hours are available upon signing and first payment received and expire after 12 months.
  • If you decide to cancel at any moment prior to the 12 month commitment, Cazarin will bill the time at $150 per hour for any hours used.
  • You can upgrade programs or change to a lower program.  If you do, the 12 month commitment starts at the time of switch.  

You can fill the form on this page or send your request to webnurture@cazarin.com.


You can upgrade or downgrade programs at any point.  Your 12 month commitment will start every time you switch a program.

Nothing, our Marketing Fusion clients will be enrolled in the basic plan automatically.

If you are in a Marketing Fusion plan or your hosting is on a dedicated server, you don’t need to do anything.

If your website is on a shared server then you will need to select a plan by March 31st, 2023 or you will be automatically upgraded to the Basic hosting plan of $125 per month.

Please call us at (763) 420-9992  Or send your questions to Webnurture@cazarin.com.

We will be happy to explain or answer your questions.

On the Basic plan it is $125 monthly billed quarterly.

It is $375 every quarter, prepaid on a credit card.
It will be $412.50 if we will be billing you and paying with a check.

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