Marketing Nurture Program for Your Company

Cazarin Interactive’s solutions don’t come out of a box ready to plug and play.  We take pride in identifying your challenges quickly and designing clever strategies to address them. 


We have been in business for over 24 years helping customers in the USA and Internationally as well.  We know the digital landscape, we know your market  and understand your industry.

The following services are billed on an hourly basis unless a quote for a specific project has been provided for you.   

  • Website design tweaks, development, enhancements and maintenance
  • Intranet and Extranet design and development
  • Database construction and programming (ASP.NET, PHP, WP)
  • Marketing Automation services
  • Interactive application creation (i.e. , on-line demos, etc.)
  • Graphic design and animation (Illustrator, PhotoShop)
  • Content editing and copywriting
  • Consulting and training
  • Print collateral design and layout

These services are charged at a $150 per hour rate:
Expenses (if ANY exist) are not included in the estimate.

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Marketing nurture Program Monthly Suggestions

SEO - Organic



Search Engine Optimization Basic
Content Review and changes

5 hours monthly



Search Engine

7 hours monthly



Search Engine Optimization
Premium Blogs and Postings

12 hours monthly

Website Nurture



Basic Updates to the site

3 hours monthly



Updates and Support  Standard Adding pages

6.25 hours monthly




Facebook Campaign OR Google Ads Campaign

7 hours monthly + Ads expense



Facebook Campaign AND Google Ads Campaign

10 hours monthly + Ads expense



Facebook Campaign, Google Ads and LinkedIN Campaign

15 hours monthly + Ads expense

More Services

Social Media

LinkedIn Influencer Campaign
Posts to LinkedIn

10 hours monthly

Brand Messaging

Review and Invigoration

50 Hours Total

Strategic Marketing Plan

Plan to be implemented to achieve specific goals for the company

50 hours Total

Website Redesign

Up to 20 pages – NO catalog
NO eCommerce

100 hours Total

Marketing Materials for Sales Force

1 Video 1 PDF Brochure Zoom Background Email Signature

100 hours
plus $495 one time expenses for the video


Marketing Campaign on 2 different Social Media channels

100 hours monthly

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign - Complete

Marketing Campaign on 4 different Social Media channels

20 hours monthly

Cold Email Campaign

Sending 10,000 prospects monthly an offer.
Providing monthly reporting.

20 hours
plus $495 monthly expenses for the data

Marketing Automation

Consulting and fine tuning

50 hours total

Block of Time

For unexpected Items within the year.
Tradeshow – materials, events, consulting, Project Management Reporting

50 hours total

Cazarin’s block of time entitles the customer to a reduced rate of services and higher priority within our production schedules.

  • 12 month commitment: Commitment is made for a minimum of 12 months and will automatically renew unless a cancellation is made on the 11th month.
  • Upgrade or Downgrade: Customer can upgrade or downgrade programs, the 12 month commitment will start again at the time of the switch.
  • Agreement: The original signed Technical Professional services agreement applies entirely except for the payment section which is detailed on this agreement.
  • Services: Hours may be applied to any Cazarin services.
  • Additional time required for your project (beyond block of time hours) will be billed at Cazarin’s standard hourly rate ($150).
  • Hours expire at the end of 1 calendar year from the time of purchase.
  • Cancellation: If a customer cancels the Web Nurture time a refund will be made for the unused hours after 1 month of the cancellation. Used hours will be billed at the regular rate of $150 instead of the special price and a fee of 2 times the monthly fee will be assessed to the customer to remove extra software enhancements installed.
  • Support: Cazarin customers have access to on-line 24-hour Customer
    Support Center ( , which provides the following resources:

    • Track hour usage and completed tasks
    • Request changes/updates to your website, using your block of time hours (Requests are sent directly to your project manager)
    • Request quotes for items that may require additional time
    • Manage usernames, passwords and system access of your staff


All options are 12 month commitments

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