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Branding is crucial as it is the visual voice of your company. At Cazarin Interactive, we use strategies and tactics to generate awareness to consumers so that they can know, feel and experience your brand. We elevate brands, both large and small, with cohesive, impactful presentation.

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Are you tired of missing out on potential customers' messages on social platforms?

Don’t let your conversations go to waste! With our Live Chat solution’s Omni-Channel integration, you can effortlessly convert those conversations into conversions. Our powerful tool ensures you never miss a message!

How it Works

Live Chat


A welcome message to initiate the chat. It’s Customizable.

Assistance Needed

The visitor shares basic details of what type of assistance they require.

Name of Visitor

Agent gets visitor’s first and last name.


The location is confirmed in order to determine if it falls within the actual service area

Lead Information

The visitors contact details, a most vital piece of information, are promptly recorded

Scheduling/Appointment Prefrence

The agent confirms the best time slot for either a visit or a call from office.

Attempt Live Call Connect

A connecting call is placed with the office, there and then, to ensure visitors convenience.

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