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Creating and Sourcing New Content Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

You’ve read about it in articles, seen posts about it all over the web and we know you’ve heard about it from us, your friends here at Cazarin Interactive; regular, new online content is a key component in both your SEO strategy and your social media engagement.

A great way to do this is to implement a regular weekly or monthly blog article on your website. Blog articles are one of the best SEO content strategies to adopt because it not only gives you a chance to update your site with fresh, keyword-rich content, it drives potential clients to your site and encourages them to share the information in the blog with others, getting you exposure and positioning you as an expert in your field.

But how do you decide on which topics to write?

It’s important your blogs be both topical and interesting, and of course the goal for any website content is that it be compelling enough to convert site visitors to business clients. Exactly what types of topic should you be posting about on your blog? Here’s a list of some great topics and source material to help you generate some blogs that, when factoring in a solid SEO strategy, are sure to produce some solid results:

Create a “How-To” Post – Educating your site audience on how to use your product or service or how to do something related to your particular market niche is an excellent way to provide value, demonstrate your expertise and grab the attention of your site visitor. As an added plus, they perform very well in Google search (think about how many times you have typed in the words “how to” into Google yourself).

Create an FAQ from Common Questions – All businesses have commonly asked questions associated with them. Ask your sales team or your receptionist for a couple of the questions that get posed to them most often, then throw in a couple from yourself and you’ll quickly have enough for a full FAQ, plus a list that is likely rich in keyword search terms most often associated with your particular business or product. Once it’s spent some time on your blog, you can consider moving it onto its own page on your site.

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Feature an Employee and/or Client – Writing a blog about the expertise of a particular staff member’s talents or abilities gets the word out about the type of top-level employees and services you offer at your company, as well as boosts morale amongst your team. Asking a client if you can do a case study or a feature blog post on [them is a great way to do a cross-promotion with a client, and also gets the word out to potential new clients about how great your existing base is.

Review a New Product or Service – To ensure your place as an expert in your field, you need to provide your clients and visitors to our site with updated information about your products and service offerings. Maybe you’re involved in launching a new product, or there’s a service that you’ve offered for awhile that isn’t gaining momentum. Doing a spotlight blog on this is a great way to make sure you’re communicating to the public all that you can do for them.

Do a “Top 10” Feature – It’s a proven fact that articles with the phrase “Top 10” in it perform nearly 2 to 1 in click-through rates. People love lists, because they know they’ll be getting the information they need in a quick, easy to digest format. Doing a regular “Top 10” feature in your blog is a great way to engage site visitors and clients alike with an entertaining post.

Promote a Secondary Product Line – If you have a secondary product line in your business that you haven’t created a web page for yet, blog about it to get some SEO juice brewing for you online with the information.

Remember, you only need 250 to 500 words to make SEO magic happen.

We’ve just celebrated the end of the 3rd quarter of 2019, and now is the time to start thinking about your year-end goals, make a plan and get it working for you. We hope these ideas not only get your creative juices flowing, but also demonstrate that including and utilizing a blog to enhance your online presence and strategy need not be intimidating. If you’re still struggling with coming up with some blog content, or feel like you’re a bit shaky on how to integrate an SEO strategy into the mix, give the team at Cazarin Interactive a call: WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP!

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