2023 was the year of the rise of AI. We are officially in an era dominated by artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, all while testing and vetting its authority and performance. However, the rise of AI also comes with a rising demand for human connection. In regards to marketing, the human touch is indispensable and required for building meaningful relationships with customers. 

At Cazarin Interactive, we’ve spent this year testing and exploring ways to streamline processes and enhance efficiency with AI. But, only while fostering genuine connections with and for our customers. We can all agree that human touch remains irreplaceable. For us, building strong business relationships to collaborate and solve your marketing issues is very important. So, how do you make sure that remains the leading force in your marketing materials while also adopting AI strategies? Here are our tips for using the best of both worlds to produce great results.

AI-Enhanced Personalization

If personalization is your priority, which, it should be in your marketing efforts, then AI can actually improve the personalization of your campaigns. One of the key advantages of AI in marketing is its ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale. 

Here are three AI tools that help improve the personalization of your marketing campaigns:

  1. Looka AI is a logo design tool that asks users a series of questions in order to develop a myriad of logo design options.
  2. Dynamic Yield is an AI tool that algorithmically matches content, products, and offers to each individual customer to help businesses gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Monetate develops improved customer experiences using segmented personalization.

Here are some ways you can enhance the personalization of your marketing campaigns using AI:

  1. Collect user data and inform your AI tools of that data. By analyzing your data, AI algorithms can tailor content, recommendations, promotions, and an unlimited amount of marketing ideas to individual preferences. 
  2. “Train” your AI algorithms with the right amount of human guidance. The more specific information you can feed your AI tools about your target audience and their persona, the better the campaigns they produce will be. Include information about your audience’s demographics, interests, buying patterns, and more when creating prompts for your AI tools to respond to.
  3. Give your AI tools the opportunity to ask you questions. For example, explain in your prompt that you want the AI tool to ask any questions that it needs to best understand your audience persona or the data you’re providing. Try telling it, “First, ask me any questions about (your project) you need clarified in order to complete this task.” You now have the opportunity to equip it to deliver a more personalized and high-quality response. If you have any doubts that AI can do the job well, be sure to confirm first that the AI tool understands your request.

How to Build Trust Through Authenticity

The rise of AI has led consumers to become more discerning. Your customers are now quicker to detect when an interaction feels robotic or insincere. The key to maintaining a level of trust with your customers is by using AI as a tool to empower human connection, not replace it. Authenticity in marketing involves understanding the unique needs of each customer and demonstrating a genuine commitment to their well-being. Of course, AI does not have these capabilities and it is still important for you to foster a positive relationship with your customers.

If you are using AI to develop content that speaks to your customer, be clear in your AI prompts about what your customer likes. Then, carefully consider the results and adjust anything that feels off. You can tell your AI tool how it’s doing and it will improve as you provide that feedback.

Secondly, when exploring AI opportunities to integrate into your marketing, look for ones that will impress your customers or improve their experience. If you are adding AI features to your website, ask yourself first, 

  • Will this improve my customer’s journey in any way? 
  • Or will it get in the way, or distract them? 
  • Even worse, will it turn them off? 

You don’t want automated customer support features to completely remove human interaction if your existing customers already appreciate that about your business. 

As long as you consider these factors when adding AI to your marketing, you will maintain brand authenticity because you are showing emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence enables marketers to understand and respond to their audience’s feelings and foster a deeper connection.

Human-Centric Storytelling

As a Storybrand certified agency, the Cazarin Interactive team practices storytelling daily. We are well aware of how powerful and necessary a force it is in building a compelling brand. A strong brand narrative has to evoke emotions and resonate with the audience. While AI is great at leveraging data and identifying trends, it can fall short of crafting authentic, human-centric stories. We strongly believe that storytelling and building a brand are distinctly human endeavors.

However, this fusion of AI-driven insights and human creativity can result in powerful marketing campaigns that are not only data-driven, but emotionally resonant. AI can streamline repetitive tasks, analyze massive datasets, and enhance personalization, but it’s the human touch that adds soul to these interactions. By combining the analytical power of AI with the emotional intelligence and creativity of humans, businesses can create marketing experiences that are both efficient and authentic. The key is understanding what AI is good for and understanding what you and your team can excel and compliment. 

How to Implement AI on Your Website for Higher Engagement

Now that we understand the ways to mesh the two worlds of artificial intelligence and authenticity, here are some ways you can greatly improve your website with AI.

Smart Personalization: AI can analyze user behavior, preferences, and history to serve up personalized content. This is one way to boost engagement and keep visitors coming back for more.

Chatbots: These can provide instant, 24/7 customer support. Integrate an AI-driven chatbot to answer queries, guide users, and provide real-time assistance. As an example, our tech support page offers both an AI option and opportunities to interact with our team.

Predictive analytics: Stay one step ahead of your users by using AI to analyze patterns and predict future trends. AI can study user behaviors and market trends to help you make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategy.

Image and video recognition: Enhance visual content with AI-powered recognition. Let your website “see” and understand images and videos. This is one way to improve searchability and open up automated tagging and content suggestions.

Dynamic content generation: Use AI to generate dynamic and personalized content on the fly. From product recommendations to blog post summaries, let your website generate content that resonates with each visitor.

Contact Cazarin Interactive today to work with a team that can use smart AI strategies to bring your website to life. 

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