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Times like these allow us to reflect on what is important in life.

Here are twenty-three silver linings our Cazarin Interactive team members have experienced while sheltering-in-place.

1. Reaching out to our elderly neighbors and making ourselves available to them.
2. Spending more time with our daughters, cooking and playing family games.
3. Picking up a new hobby.
4. Reaching out to loved ones for emotional support.
5. Spending time with our newborn boy and soaking up these precious days.
6. Catching up on binge-worthy TV shows.
7. Preparing more meals at home.
8. Supporting our local restaurants who are offering take-out.
9. Taking a break from the fast pace of 21st century American life.
10. No complaints from the kids about spring cleaning this year.
11. Spending time with those who are sharing the same quarantine as me.
12. All the processed food is gone from the grocery store so I have the opportunity to eat healthy consistently.
13. Spending quality time with my pets.
14. Exploring the backyard with our daughter.
15. Continuing our film discussion group virtually through online platforms.
16. Finally digging into books that I’ve had for a while.
17. Realizing what is truly important in my life.
18. Appreciating the people around me for their support and love.
19. Appreciating everything I have.
20. Seeing small changes in people for the better.
21. Coming together as a community and nation to work as a team.
22. Going for walks and enjoying the change of season.
23. Working on side-projects that we haven’t had time for until now.

What are your silver linings? Let us know via our social channels!

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