CLIENT NEED | Entering an established market

SOLUTION | Cazarin created a fully branded eCommerce website

THE CLIENT | Rock With Me

As an intuitive healer,  Amy J. Fossey,  jewelry designer, CEO, and founder of Rock With Me wanted to offer a jewelry collection that was more than just an accessory.   In the hustle and stress of modern society, Fossey was inspired to share her knowledge about the beneficial properties of crystals and healing stones and was passionate to design jewelry pieces that were as uplifting as her customers. Rock With Me was on its way to being a platform in Holistic health with spiritual aspirations. 

CLIENT CHALLENGES | Creative Designs With Spiritual Intentions

Rock With Me was a creative new business venture for Fossey.  Her jewelry collections were gaining attention.  She was ready to expand into the online space and wanted to partner with a creative team to capture the essence of her personality and engage with her customers.   And it had to be something as unique and as inspiring as her designs.  After much research, they selected Cazarin to build their eCommerce website.  

SOLUTIONS | Scope of Work

  • Visual Identity – New Logo
  • Brand Strategy
  • Interactive Web Design
  • eCommerce Design and Strategy
  • Storybrand Content Messaging

THE IMPACT | Real Results

Brand Development

Created an online store

THE CAZARIN APPROACH | Starting Fresh – A Perfect Match

Fossey’s dedication to her work was refreshing; it was evident from our first meeting that she was ready to grow her business.  It was a perfect match.  Rock With Me needed a site that captured their personality and enthusiasm for Holistic health.  Something Fun and function with an easy and engaging interface that would drive sales. 


Cazarin created a custom-designed eCommerce website to showcase the designs and styling collections of Rock With Me.  Almost immediately, online sales began to bloom and accelerated the Rock With Me brand to a whole new level.

IN THEIR WORDS | An eCommerce Dream

 “I always had calls returned the same day,” says Fossey. “This is key when starting a new company.” Fossey noted that any issues that arose with the website were fixed immediately and she couldn’t recall any “pain points.” Overall, the Cazarin Interactive team really “nailed it.”

The relationship with Amy Fossey remains strong.  While Rock With Me has since dissolved, the entrepreneurial spirit of Amy Fossey continues and we anticipate working together once again. 

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