Case Study

The Challenge

“We are not just another jewelry company. Our platform is Holistic health with spiritual aspirations. But not angelic
– more campy and fun.”

Likewise, Amy J. Fossey, jewelry designer and CEO of Rock With Me, isn’t just another businesswoman. She is an intuitive healer and wants to offer something more than an accessory. In the hustle and stress of modern society, Fossey was inspired to share her knowledge about the beneficial properties of crystals and healing stones. Rock With Me was born from this vision, offering a wide selection of specially designed jewelry with spiritual intentions.


Rock With Me needed a site that captured their message with an easy and engaging interface. Something fun and functional that would drive sales and grow their brand.


Rock With Me enlisted the Cazarin Interactive team to create a brand that encompassed everything her company stood for.

Cazarin developed all of the following for Rock With Me:

  • Brand
  • Logo
  • User Experience
  • Website
  • Messaging

The First Responder

Rock With Me had a long-term goal of growing sales through their website, and needed to provide an online shopping experience to get there. They researched options for setting up an eCommerce website and Cazarin Interactive was the first to respond.

An eCommerce Dream

Cazarin Interactive exceeded expectations and delivered a high-end eCommerce website.

“The class and style that went into our website accelerated our brand to a whole new level,” says Fossey. “Every time I open the website I am still in awe and we get constant compliments on how professional it is. Our website accelerated our brand to a whole new level.”

The Experience Stood Out

It wasn’t just the finished product that stood out to the Rock With Me CEO. Fossey remarked about the swiftness of the Cazarin Interactive team when it came to communicating, making adjustments, and addressing errors.

“I have always had calls returned the same day,” says Fossey. “This is key when starting a new company.” Fossey noted that any issues that arose with the website were fixed immediately and she couldn’t recall any “pain points.” Overall, the Cazarin Interactive team really “nailed it.”

Our work speaks for us.

See for yourself!