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How to Find Hope in Uncertainty

By Ricardo Ortizcazarin | President, Cazarin Interactive

There is no doubt in my mind that we have all had moments in the day to reflect on this uncertain time we are in. This reflection is very personalized depending on the circumstances of the individual or family situation. The list could seem endless when we think about work, distance learning, elderly caregiving, health issues, social distancing and so much more.

During my own reflections, I’ve been thinking about how teams are looking to leaders and colleagues to help navigate these rough waters. We as entrepreneurs are hopeful people by nature. At our core, we know that great companies manage to be agile and are always adapting to create new opportunities. I want to share what I hope you will find to be helpful recommendations for yourself and your team during this unique time.

Decision Making

I find myself constantly balancing the emotional and financial elements of running a business. While I have not done everything perfectly, I know that grounding myself and my team, in fact, must be the starting point—particularly when it comes to eliminating services, personnel decisions, expenses, etc. Your teams want to be more involved than you think but they are looking to you to make the tough decisions. There are many parameters to consider from limits on lines of credit to savings, to what is considered an essential business. Try to have your key personnel involved in most of the decision making. The team will be stronger if communication is good during this process.


People naturally draw energy from those closest to them—leaders are no exception. Collectively, you and your team should find the silver linings that are present in our current state of business. Each individual can decide which actions to take to infuse positive and hopeful energy to the company.

Who are you to your team and to your customers? Are you going to be a leader, a support person, or pull the covers over your head and hide? As a leader, remember that your team will draw energy from you so look at the positives when possible and share that with your team. There is a silver lining in every situation and you need to focus on that.

We are a society that believes in hope. I am choosing to look at the bright side and make sure I communicate this to my team every morning. When I talk to my customers, I am trying to look at how to help them. By putting myself in their shoes I can see opportunities for them to thrive in this ever-changing time. I know they will remember this effort when the time comes.


Reach within yourself and to those around you to acquire the confidence you need to lead during this time. As always, your team will be looking to you for support and guidance. You will need to assure your team that this too will pass and that you’re doing your best to support them and your organization during this time. 

Make sure you make statements based on facts. Hope is something that is deeply ingrained in our society and—as long as you can keep the trust and confidence of your staff—you will be able to get out of any dire situation fast.

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P.S. Don’t forget to find the silver lining and have a good laugh! All of these videos are less than 30 seconds and will provide a smile and momentarily relief from our current situation.

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