Hosting Email Base

The following is provided as a guideline for basic email hosting services provided by Cazarin Interactive.

Items are listed per block or account.
Package Description Rate
Base Up to 10 mailboxes, unl. aliases, maximum 500MB/mailbox. Included with hosting.
Add’l Mailboxes Block of 5 mailboxes $ 29 /month

Base Configuration:

  • Up to 10 mailboxes, unlimited aliases
  • Maximum storage per domain account 20GB (20,000MB)
  • Each mailbox starts with 500MB storage, see matrix below for enhanced mailboxes.
  • Passwords are required for all accounts. Complexity requirement is up to the individual.
  • All email accounts include Cazarin’s No Spam service through SpamExperts.
  • All incoming and outgoing mail is filtered through the service.
  • Up to 2 domain aliases allowed, no additional cost (total 3 domains).
  • Open Relay is never permitted, all sending accounts must be authenticated to the server with a valid username and password, known as SMTP Authentication.

Defined Limits and Throttling
In an effort to support client needs and reduce issues within a shared email server we apply limits and/or throttling for each account.

  • Maximum Message Size: 25MB
  • Throttling:
    Outgoing Messages per Hour: > 250 Action: Delay
    Outgoing Bandwidth per Hour: > 100 Action: Delay
    Bounces Received per Hour: > 20 Action: Delay
  • Email accounts are not to be used for broadcast mailings.
  • All broadcast emails are to be sent through third party services such as Constant Contact or MailChimp.
  • Exceptions may be made for emails sent through a Cazarin hosted web site.

Enhanced Mailboxes

Provides additional storage capacity.

Items are listed per mailbox, unless noted differently.
Package Storage Capacity Rate
Base Maximum 500MB Included
Super Mail Maximum 1 GB $ 5 /month
Max Mail Maximum 5 GB $ 20 /month

Tips & Tricks

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