Cazarin Interactive – Content Admin

This document provides a few quick references to features within the Content Admin tool. We hope you find it helpful.


The editor is similar to any word processor (e.g. msWord), using Bold, Italic, Underline, etc is very similar to those tools.


Internet Explorer users: this system works best in Firefox or Chrome, but if using Internet Explorer please enable compatibility mode.

LEFT COLUMN: Page Listing
Page Information and settings
Edit Content Area


Changing Text

  1. Sign into the ContentAdmin.
  2. Select the desired page from the Page Listing, left side of the screen.
  3. After the page appears on the right side, select the content area to be edited.
    This is found under “Edit Content Areas”.
  4. A text editor appears, showing the existing content.
    You may Delete, Add, Correct any items in the content area.Commonly used editor icons are as follows:
    Hovering over most icons provides a tip.

    Italic (emphasis)
    Creates lists either numbered or un-numbered (bullets)
    Creates a hyperlink
    Inserts images, see below
    Set font color
    Set background/highlight color.
    Toggles between HTML Source and WYSIWYG display.
    Inserts a table


Adding Images

  1. See steps 1-4 above under Changing Text. Then inside the content area …
  2. Put the cursor in the space you’d like to insert the image.
    Some images are best put in tables if you are adding more than 1 or would like to align image(s) with text.
  3. Click on the Image icon (see table above), the Image Properties window appears.
  4. If the image you want is already on the web server, click Browse Server, find it and select it.
    – OR –
  5. If the image needs to be added –
    1. Click the “Browse” button to find and select the image on your computer.
    2. Touch “Send It” button to bring the image to the server.
    3. After upload complete, you can then select the image again or often just hit the OK button.


The Content Admin requires a specific URL, username, and password to access the features described. Our Help Desk can provide these credentials to authorized users.