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Benefits and Tips for Remote Work

While we miss being together in person, we are thankful for the tools that allow us to stay connected and continue working uninterrupted as we shelter in place.

Here are some ways our team members at Cazarin Interactive have made the most of remote work as well as some tips for how your team can stay productive and efficient while working remotely.

Silver Linings – Benefits

  1. Having no commute time means I get an hour back each day to spend with my wife and daughter.
  2. I can listen to my Italian music without needing headphones.
  3. Zoom calls from the comfort of my couch.
  4. Skincare masks while I work, oh yeah!
  5. I am able to use the time that is normally required for commuting as my time to work out so I am able to have more time to relax and do other things after work now.
  6. I have started using time spent previously on my commute as a reading-for-fun time and have already gotten through 3 books!
  7. The current situation has made me much more aware of how much of my job I was already accomplishing via virtual office in the first place.

Productivity Tips

  1. If your team uses Slack, make use of the Status feature. This has helped us tremendously as we can know when one of our team members is on a call, in a meeting, or offline for lunch.
  2. Set a timer for working on tasks to allow yourself a break to get up and move. 
  3. Between 2 working adults and 2 kids in e-Learning, it’s been helpful to communicate our call schedules to everyone.
  4. Set up software to keep track of work time on a daily basis to make everyone accountable for their time. Use software that can send email reports to management to confirm work tasks.
  5. Allow time to be with your pets, but give them their space when you work. Being focused on tasks helps everyone. Appreciate the quality time with your pets.
  6. Focus, make sure to eliminate noises and distractions when you are at home.
  7. Set up a room that can be closed off to eliminate distractions. It is nice to work on the couch but there can be times when the distractions can be too much.
  8. Request time to talk from co-workers, don’t interrupt, define a specific time to talk about an issue.
  9. Whenever possible use video conferencing to make sure you don’t lose touch with your team—even if you aren’t wearing makeup 🙂
  10. Implement a daily meeting with video conferencing and make sure everyone is engaged. Ask questions like the best meal you made this week.

What silver linings have you experienced while working remotely?
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