How to Lower Your Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

What is Bounce Rate?

If you’re familiar with websites, analytics, and conversions, it is highly likely that you have come across the term ‘bounce rate‘ for your website.

Bounce rate in Google Analytics represents the number of times a user visits your website without taking another action. That means no browsing other pages on your site, viewing your gallery, services, or internal links. When they land on a page, they click ‘X’ or the back icon, and then they’re gone.

The more your visitors leave before taking another action after they land on your website, the higher your website’s bounce rate will be.

Why Does My Website’s Bounce Rate Matter for My Business?

The information you put on your website is there to educate customers about who you are and what product or service you offer. If your website’s visitors are not paying attention to the content on your site, then your conversion rate will be low and your overall bounce rate will be high.

There is no way visitors will take an action after reading and engaging with your content because they are not staying on your website to see it in the first place.

Your bounce rate is something you must pay attention to and take steps to reduce it if it is high. Google and other search engines may penalize your website in search results if you have a high bounce rate. Now, do you see why you should pay attention to this?

3 Hacks To Lower Bounce Rate

1. Ensure your content marketing strategy attracts the right visitors. If one hundred people visit your website searching for shoes when you sell earrings, what do you think they will all do? Do you think they’ll stick around and look at your earrings when they really just want a nice pair of sandals to enjoy some warm, sunny weather?

Your website content, blog posts, and images should clearly state what you are offering. Target the right keywords, so that the users who land on your website actually need your products and services. Otherwise, they will leave and contribute to your high bounce rate.

2. Make your website user-friendly. Slow load speed, poorly-timed popups, and confusing navigation are some of the things that make your website less user-friendly. If you disrupt the user experience, you will lose your website visitors. Pop-ups are effective but can annoy your visitors if they’re not timed correctly. Give your users a 10-20 second window or use exit-intent pop-ups to ensure users can engage with your site before you serve them an offer.

The same goes for load speed. If your page is taking too long to load, know that there is no way the user will stick around and wait. Audit your website’s load speed frequently or use a plugin to notify you of any issues, so that you can fix them quickly.

3. Make your website mobile-friendly. 53% of worldwide web traffic comes from mobile users. This is a striking number that shows that your website needs to be optimized for a mobile experience if you want to lower your bounce rate.

Your website looks different on a phone or tablet than it does on a desktop. Is your navigation menu visible on the phone? Can a user see your content clearly or is it all jumbled? When building or maintaining your website, you must check your mobile optimization and ensure that everything looks good.

Feel free to reach out to us for our web development services if your website needs an overhaul.

How These Methods Work

The methods we mentioned above are strategically placed because they bring results. For example, a manufacturing equipment eCommerce client came to us seeking help to increase their website conversions in order to get more sales. Through mobile optimization, user experience updates, and a focus on improving the website’s page speed, we brought the bounce rate from 55% to 40% when compared year to year.

Let Us Help You Lower Your Website’s Bounce Rate

A website needs to be constantly monitored and adjusted based on your analytics if your aim is to convert your visitors into clients and customers. Use your analytics to make changes when needed, and if your bounce rate is high, use the hacks above to get it lowered.

There is no magic formula but the Cazarin Interactive team has proven strategies to lower your website’s bounce rate and increase your conversions.

Contact us if you want to turn your website into a powerful conversion tool.

Let us know if we can help you in any way by emailing marketing@cazarin.com.

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