Using Email Automation To Grow Your Business

Digital marketing has many terms and divisions for business owners to get used to. Email automation is a term we not only want you to familiarize yourself with but implement in your business. We want to empower you to use email automation to grow your business. 

Timely, relevant emails sent to the right audience can significantly improve your business’ email marketing campaigns. Sending your emails when your audience is most likely to engage is one of the best ways to communicate with them. Whether you send weekly or monthly emails, ensure you have something of value to share with your audience.  

What is Email Automation?

Email automation is the process of sending automated emails based on a schedule or triggers. Your email schedule will vary based on the nature of your business. The triggers can be when a new subscriber joins your email list, downloads a lead magnet, or purchases a product from you. All these emails can be automated using email marketing providers. 

Terms you have probably heard before – drip campaigns, transactional emails, marketing emails, and abandoned cart emails are all aspects of email automation. Once you have an email address for your customer, you can communicate with them automatically.

Automating emails as a marketing tool is an inexpensive, yet efficient way to communicate with your subscribers. It is a highly impactful way to reach them at the right time. We all know the importance of timing and intention when trying to increase engagement and conversion rates. Even with so many digital platforms and touchpoints, email marketing has stood the test of time and is still one of the most powerful channels for marketing your business today. 

Why is this so powerful? Automatic email campaigns are triggered by a user’s actions. This means that your emails will always get to them at the time they need to see it, which is also when they are most likely to convert. 

In the past, newsletters were the main form of email communication to clients. Business owners now know that they need to integrate automated emails into their marketing campaigns if they want to build better customer relationships.

How Can Email Marketing Automation Help My Business?

When data shows that 58% of business revenue comes from targeted and segmented emails, you know this is a strategy you need to implement in your content marketing efforts. 

Here are some of the ways email automation can help your business:

1. Nurture Leads

Imagine if each time a potential customer contacts you, you have to send them an email explaining how your business can help them. Now, imagine if you have 1000 potentials and you have to write 1000 lead generation emails? 

You can automate your nurture emails to avoid manually sending them out each time. 86% of businesses believe that automating their emails is one of the most effective ways to generate and nurture leads. 

Nurturing a lead is a part of customer acquisition that you must never skip. This is where you educate them about your products and services and encourage brand loyalty. This is essentially where they see your value. You need to set up automation to nurture your leads so that they will convert and build a strong relationship with your business. 

It is during the lead nurturing process that you turn potential customers into customers. Here, you have the opportunity to make them fall in love with your business and turn them into loyal ambassadors for your brand. 

2. Build Loyalty with Personalized Emails 

The best marketers are the ones who recognize the power of personalization and tap into that for their email marketing campaigns. When a customer opts-in to your email list and receives a personalized email, they feel like more than just a number; they feel valued. Always use email automation to send a warm, welcoming, and personalized email to everyone who joins your list.

We’re not just saying this because we think it works; we know it does. Data shows that a personalized subject line increases open rates by 26%. Additionally, a whopping 94% of marketing professionals list email personalization as a significant part of their marketing objectives. 

3. Save Time

Marketing is no longer black and white. Multiple marketing channels and platforms have been added over the years and figuring out how to navigate these and make them work for your business is a necessary process. 

Automation will help you to stay engaged with your customers without repeating the work for each one. It is an easy way to personalize your communication with your audience without the hassle that comes with individual contact. Marketers everywhere will agree that using email automation with a good email marketing company increases the amount of time they save for their business. 

Take them along the customer journey using a process that works.

4. Gain Insights

Another benefit of email automation is that email marketing providers give you access to data to analyze how your campaigns are performing. You can see how many of your emails were delivered, how many were opened, and even how many readers clicked an outbound link from your email. 

With this data, you can see where you are losing your audience and make changes where needed. This is useful to both small businesses and large companies. For example, if you have a low open rate, you might need to change your subject text. If no one is reading through your emails, you can change your wording. These insights allow you to assess and adjust accordingly. 

Cazarin Interactive is a leading provider of email automation solutions. We have helped our clients to grow their business using email automation by developing campaigns their audience will respond to. We’ve increased their open rates and click-through rates by implementing the right solutions for their unique business.

If you want to start utilizing the many benefits of email automation, contact the Cazarin Interactive team today. 

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