First Click Attribution – What Is It?

Your business is not set up to succeed on the digital scale if you don’t have a good marketing strategy and analytics tracking system set up. Technology changes very quickly in today’s market landscape. 

A customer journey has several touchpoints and your audience will most likely access multiple touchpoints before converting. Knowing what leads to conversions will help you to increase your conversion rate and optimize your customer journey. The goal is to find the elements that connect emotionally with your prospects. This is the real key to success!

Usually, a website visitor can find your blog post one day, and maybe a week later, they will find your service page, and a few days later, they come in contact with your retargeting ad or display ads. If they convert after seeing your ads, which marketing channel do you think should get the conversion credit? Is it the blog post or should it be the retargeting ads?

Marketing Attribution Models

Marketing attribution is the structure of analyzing which marketing channels or touchpoints on the conversion path actually deserve the credit for the conversion. Your marketing strategy needs to analyze your attribute conversions

There are six common attribution models used in both organic search and Google ads:

  • First Click/Interaction Attribution Model
  • Last Interaction Attribution Model
  • Last Non-Direct Click Attribution Model
  • Linear Attribution Model
  • Time-Decay Attribution Model
  • Position-Based Attribution Model

First Click Attribution Model

Today, we will look at the first click attribution model and how it can help your business. 

With first click attribution, the very first click or interaction that brings a user to a website is given the credit for bringing in that lead. This means that it doesn’t matter how long the customer stays in your funnel or at what point they convert, the first interaction will get the full credit for any subsequent interaction. 

First-click Attribution Example:

An example of a first-click attribution is when a customer visits your website after clicking on one of your ads and you later add them to your email list. If the customer purchases after clicking a link in your email, 100% of the credit for that sale would still go to the ad. This is because that is the customer’s first point of contact with you. 

How Can First Click Attribution Help Your Business

Monitoring first click attribution is helpful when businesses have a short buying cycle and want to focus more on converting customers immediately, instead of taking them through a sales funnel. If this is your goal, the first interaction is critical to your conversions. You can also use this to measure brand awareness and decipher which marketing channels drive lead generation and conversion. 

Choosing the right attribution model for your business depends on your existing business model and goals. The marketing team at Cazarin Interactive can help you decide which attribution model is right for your business. We can help you implement better optimization, tracking, and analytics reporting for your organic and paid campaigns. 

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