About FileZilla

FileZilla allows you to transfer files and folders from your website to your local computer, and vice versa. To do this, navigate to the folder needed, and then drag and drop the item or items from the right side to the left, or the left side to the right in their appropriate folders.

FileZilla is available for download here.

Connecting to Your Account/Website

Please follow the instructions below to access your website by FTP account using FileZilla.

  1. Open FileZilla and have the FTP login information provided by the Helpdesk available
  2. Near the top of the FileZilla application under “Quickconnect”, the host field should contain the IP address provided
  3. Please type the username and password in the appropriate fields
  4. Cazarin may have provided a port number in the past
  5. Please be sure to update your records with the current port number for your account
  6. If yes, this will be port 21; please enter it in the Port field
  7. If presented, Click Connect and click “Always trust certificate in future sessions”, and click OK