Urgent Matters

We consider an Urgent Matter an issue that is stopping you from generating business.

  • Website is NOT showing up
  • Website is re-directing to another website
  • Website is too slow or showing 404 errors
  • Email is not working at all
  • eCommerce transactions are not happening


  1. Select the support form for your level of support
  2. Please fill out the form with instructions for us to be able to replicate the issue.
  3. Once you receive the TICKET # contact your project manager or help desk at (763) 515-4095
  • We’ll never share your email with anyone else

Need Immediate Assistance?

During regular business hours call us: (763) 465-0004
After-Hours Emergency Outages/Issues may be reported by calling (763) 420-9992 Menu option 5.

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