Shopify makes eCommerce a breeze-and-a-half

Shopify is the out-of-the-box eCommerce platform that can be up and running in mere hours. As a fully-hosted, managed solution, Shopify gives you eCommerce capabilities without the need to own servers or learn to code.

Signs Shopify is the choice for you.

You just want to sell stuff.

You’re not a techie, and you don’t want to become a techie just to build an eCommerce site (or for any reason, really).

You don’t want or need a sophisticated website—or broader content strategy—to support your eCommerce site.

You like the idea of a built-in payment gateway, rather than setting up a third party payment option like PayPal or Stripe… you just want to sell stuff.

What to watch for?

A managed solution like Shopify can cost more than alternative eCommerce solutions. In short, you pay a premium for convenience (as in the convenience to not host, build, or fix the site yourself). This can be well worth it to some, but not everyone needs that level of built-in maintenance.

There may be limitations to the number of product variations you want to sell. Ask yourself just how many options you want at your fingertips when it comes to your online shop, and confirm Shopify gives you that capability.

While many eCommerce alternatives offer the use of third party payment gateways at no cost, Shopify charges transaction fees. So, if you’re not going to use the Shopify payment gateway, expect to pay.

Need an individualized eCommerce solution?

You sat up in a moment of divine inspiration and said to yourself, “I’m going to build the online shop of my dreams!” If your eCommerce site calls for elite customizations, plugins and options, or you want the capability to save cookies or insight into the products your customers have browsed through—click over to our info pages on WooCommerce and nopCommerce. We have more to show you.

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