nopCommerce Develops Alongside your Products

When your website needs to support high-traffic, high-volume products, nopCommerce is the solution that elevates your eCommerce platform to the next level.

Go Next-Level with nopCommerce

nopCommerce is a world-class solution for businesses that like to compete in the big leagues, even if you’re small to mid-size (we like to say “party-size”).

Both B2B and B2C companies are set free with the advanced settings and options this solution offers to support their strategic vision. Need multi-vendor functionality? Don’t even worry about installing extensions for that—it’s already there. With nopCommerce, companies have enhanced control over what their buyers can access, how they can pay, and how they choose to ship.

Want to drive consumers to your sales team with a “call for pricing” tag? Automate invoice delivery? Incentivize large sales with tiered pricing? A simple stroll through your admin panel will keep your sales strategies soaring and simple to implement.

Choice, Control and Customization

Our nopCommerce projects are custom built to meet your company’s unique needs and brand. A user-friendly content management system (CMS) places control firmly in the hands of the client to make changes to the site’s storefront in real time.

Take control of your web content du jour with the user-friendly backend CMS tool, or outsource that part to your Cazarin Interactive team. If you’re not into the hands-on approach, our production team acts as an extension of your team and will make any changes you require, as they arise. The point is—you get to decide.

Cazarin Clients using nopCommerce

Form, meet function.

EMSCO had a beautiful website, but they needed functionality to truly deliver a customer experience that sells.

We rebuilt and reconfigured what they had using nopCommerce. With a newly created product category tree—complete with proper category levels identified—they were truly in business.

A custom built-in search bar leaves customers free to search a wealth of electric motor supplies with quick and advanced results. Whether they search by full name, partial name, full SKU or partial SKU—customers are given what they want.

And with Cazarin Interactive’s digital marketing and email campaign support, their customer base just keeps growing.

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Home-brewed is best.

By the pound or by the case, buyers can get their Cameron’s Coffee caffeine fix through their eCommerce website built with nopCommerce.

In addition to online sales, we built their site to include location tracking to navigate local stores for sips (and don’t talk to me until I finish a cup). Their distributors even have their own custom-built back-end for order and inventory management.

Through corporate rebrands and years of updates and functional enhancements designed to get them to where they are today, we continue to execute digital marketing strategies for Cameron’s Coffee helping them grow their online sales year over year.

Time for another cup?

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