5 Tips to Best Use Video in Marketing:

Practical tips and information to best use video marketing across different channels

Learn how to avoid making common mistakes

Thursday, September 29th 2022 11:30am -12:00pm CST via Webinar

Video marketing can take many different forms in this day and age: informational, product, culture, videos dependent on social platforms, long-form interviews, and many more. Join us on September 29th and learn more about the following:

  • 5 tips to best use video
  • How to best utilize video on different channels
  • What videos do I need to have
  • Things to keep in mind when filming or using a videographer
  • Avoid common video mistakes

Learn alongside marketing visionary and Cazarin Interactive’s CEO and President Ricardo Ortizcazarin as he shares the importance of video marketing, how to separate yourself from your competition, how to most effectively use videos depending on your goals, and what to avoid along the way.

Ricardo Ortizcazarin

Marketing Strategist, President

As an experienced speaker, programmer, sales executive and business owner, Ricardo has helped companies of all sizes take advantage of the Internet and both digital and traditional marketing. From developing and implementing a company Needs Analysis, to evaluating and tracking results—Ricardo is able to skillfully address the needs of his clients. Ricardo has been featured in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and founded Cazarin Web Group, Inc. in April 1998.


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