Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your marketing strategy and tactics

Presented by Cazarin Interactive and Insight Driven Business

November 30, 2023 1:00 PM CT

To use Artificial Intelligence in marketing, the AI will collect data, learn customer behaviors, and analyze this information to help your business achieve it’s goals. AI can even reach out to customers who do a specific behavior on your website and learn what they need, like clicking a button or liking social media posts.


  • Improve Customer Support – that is Interactive
  • Improve Interactions on your website
  • Improve stickiness to your online presence

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Loosing human touch and connection with the client base and loosing clients.  Can be avoided by having safety guards of measuring and focus groups, surveys, analyzing the data of AI usage and engagement.

Yes, AI doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Should always look at copyright infringement laws.   The answer is not simple yes or not.  The answer is depends of HOW the content is being repurposed.

I believe low level marketeers will be replaced but not those with experience who think outside of the box.


Implementing AI in Marketing

Ricardo Ortizcazarin (10 Minutes)

President of Cazarin Interactive
Marketing Strategist – Spiritual


JB Herrera (10 Minutes)

Chief Entrepreneur
AI Business Strategist


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