THE CLIENT | Total Automotive

Total Automotive is a nationwide wholesale distributor of OEM and replacement auto parts. As one of the largest suppliers of OEM auto parts in the nation, their online database is quite robust. It was a priority to have a strong website that could host all of these parts and activity and provide a purchase flow that was easy, efficient, and accessible. Creating a website that appears simple, however, can require a lot of not-so-simple work. is a very complex website built with four different technologies.

THE IMPACT | Supporting a Robust Business

Improved visuals

Total Auto’s visual brand was greatly improved through improved imagery across all their marketing materials that showed the quality of their parts and the magnitude of their database.

Clear communications

Communications with customers and prospects was improved through a brand new social media presence and unique portals on the website that guided visitors to the right place.

Organized outcome

Total Automotive has many layers to its business. Cazarin Interactive was able to create one entity to support all efforts.

The team at Cazarin Interactive helped identify a number of needs:

  • Brand Enhancement
  • Brand Promotion with Marketing Automation tools
  • Website Documentation
  • Website Maintenance and support
  • Website Enhancements

Cazarin’s Solution
Cazarin Interactive applied its signature Marketing Fusion program to help elevate the Total Automotive brand. This included:

  • Total Auto’s complex website needed a maintenance plan that simplified and organized their vast database.
  • Their brand needed to be elevated to reflect their trustworthiness, reliability, and high quality of parts.
  • They wanted an experienced marketing team that could provide a technologically savvy solution.

Our work speaks for us.

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