THE CLIENT | Team Technology

We partnered with Team Technology in 2022 to reinvigorate their brand and upgrade their website to become suitable for digital operations. Team Technology is a company that focuses on providing technology solutions to local businesses, providing full service IT solutions for brands across the Northern Midwest. Team Technology is currently a remote company that helps businesses mitigate towards cloud based services, which meant that having a strong digital presence was essential. With over 25 years of experience and over 1000 successful projects, Team Technology is a leader in Minnesota and Wisconsin based tech support.


A large part of our partnership included brand review and enhancement. Our design team created a video page to give a visual representation of what the Team Technology services include. 


One of our top goals was to advance the homepage, it’s what gives businesses a great first impression when users are scrolling among competitors, we wanted Team Technology to stand out from the rest. Our team added layers to the website including subpages and updated designs for smooth scrolling. We highlighted the services they provide including: 

  • Cloud migration 
  • Microsoft 365 
  • Technical support    
  • Dynamic services 

We also made note of the business services that Team Technology offers, highlighting their areas of expertise. Some of the additional pages we created were: 

  • Areas of expertise 
  • Power BI business analytics 
  • Learn about our business solutions

By adding specified content, we were able to give visitors a better sense of what each service entailed, being that it’s a digital brand, we needed to showcase the capabilities of their packages. To provide an extra layer of support, our team created an FAQ page. It’s an often overlooked tool that companies can use to provide additional information that they wouldn’t otherwise get with a site. After the website launch, our team completed an SEO audit of their pages to ensure that their brand was ahead of the competition. We were honored to upgrade a website for this digital brand and hope to work more with Team Technology in the future. 

THE CAZARIN APPROACH | Web Design, Marketing Fusion, and Hosting

We utilized web design, marketing fusion, and hosting in our partnership with Team Technology. To this day, these services continue to help them streamline their process. Mark recommends our company and has already referred several clients to us.

Our work speaks for us.

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