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CLIENT CHALLENGES | Outdated Online Presence

The Schuster Clinic for Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders and The Schuster Foundation for Biomedical Research and Education were on a mission to create a more friendly and welcoming website that reflected the comfort of working with them. This small, quaint clinic in a beautiful part of town is very specialized, focusing on a niche area of medicine. However, their online presence was outdated and didn’t reflect how impressive their work was. 


How we did it

Cazarin Interactive got creative with its solution for The Schuster Clinic and combined photography and copywriting to build a beautiful website. Our very own President and CEO (and janitor, when needed!) traveled to the clinic to take photos of their staff and the office’s welcoming and cozy interior. We used these to help visually uplift the website and share the true essence of their brand.

We increased the overall website’s quality with copywriting using a friendly voice to make their homepage as welcoming as their lobby and staff are. Their customers made comments that they enjoyed the new website.


Our client was very appreciative of the full service that Cazarin Interactive provided to address their needs. Our work on their website resulted in 20% more patients. The client also noted an increase in visitors and referrals.

Work with Cazarin Interactive today to create an engaging website that draws in your ideal customers.

Our work speaks for us.

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