Case Study

Minnesota Department of Transportation | Rural Transit Assistance Program

Building an Online Hub for Transit Operators in the Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) through the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)

Cazarin Interactive was contracted in a joint bid by the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Rural Transit Assistance Program (MnDOT RTAP) in 2019 to build a website that not only communicated their training offerings but would also have user-friendly systems and applications in place for their transit agencies to access and register for trainings.  Our team took their vision and made it come to life.


Cazarin Interactive partnered with the MN RTAP program and other contractors with a blank roadmap in front of us. A system of this kind had not been developed before and required custom development and integrations to best serve the organization’s purpose.


Cazarin developed a website that included application requirements, an eTraining system, and an online training portal among other service offerings.

Application requirements

Custom features had to be added to the website for employers to add resources for their staff/students. Because the needs were so unique, these had to be developed specifically for MnDOT RTAP.

eTraining system

MnDOT RTAP caters to the rural transit agencies in Minnesota. The members of these agencies require specific, constant training in order to provide the best service to the people they transport. We developed an eTraining system that allows employers to register their employees; it also allows students to register and complete training on the website.

Training portal

It wasn’t enough to have a website with general information. RTAP needed a dedicated training portal on their website where employers and employees could access specific resources. They could also track grades, certifications, and receive all notifications from the training portal.

Implementing effective solutions on RTAP’s website  included

  • A resources area for employers
  • Online employee registration
  • Online training area
  • A course calendar
  • Automated certificates and training notifications
  • Online scholarship applications 
  • Student review area

Cazarin Interactive’s team of developers kept MnDOT RTAP’s unique needs in mind throughout the development process. They needed a website that would cater to their needs and be creatively designed at the same time. We developed a website that had a mobile-friendly interface and provided a good user experience for their audience. We included all the resources they needed, and now the rural transit agencies in Minnesota are benefiting from the ease of access to documents, networking, training, and more.  

“The best part of working with Cazarin was their creative approach to problem-solving. Their developers are adaptive and collaborative and they helped us identify the right solutions for our needs.”

Mariah Helgeson, DRB Consulting

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