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Radius Point is a Business Process Outsourcing provider that utilizes the Software as a Service (SaaS) model using proprietary software, Expense Logic. Their expense management software helps to reduce workloads for accounts payable, telecom, IT, and utility or energy departments while optimizing and reducing service costs. For a company so modern and forward-thinking, however, their brand was tired and marketing was stale.



Radius Point’s experience with marketing involved juggling many freelancers and too many contracts. Too many parties involved meant the marketing strategy was not concentric and cohesive.

Lackluster brand

Software isn’t always easily understood. But, what Radius Point helps its customers accomplish is truly exciting. After all, their software helps facilitate company growth and reduces the need to spend time on tedious tasks! They were long overdue for brand enhancement.

Low leads

The biggest problem Radius Point was experiencing that affected their bottom line was a lack of prospect opportunities. Their sales system just wasn’t performing the way they had hoped, and this caused stress for the company.

Cazarin’s Solution

Cazarin Interactive has performed marketing for SaaS companies on a number of occasions over the years. Our experience helped inform our strategic scope of work which consisted of the following:

  • Marketing Fusion
  • Google Ads Management
  • New Messaging
  • New Website
  • Web Nurture
  • New Video

To start elevating the Radius Point brand, we started our impact in a visual manner with these three steps:

  • We modernized their website to reflect their modern solutions.
  • We launched their new website to be aligned with their new software interface, showing their customers that the Radius Point brand was entering a new chapter.
  • We created more opportunities for prospects to discover the Radius Point brand.

Cazarin’s Approach

  • Marketing Fusion to organize all their marketing efforts.
  • Brand Messaging that speaks to their true professionalism and impact.
  • New Website to attract more leads.
  • New Video to use across social media and all online marketing.


Radius Point’s website is significantly more sophisticated and now reflects the true impact that their software makes for their thousands of customers. Radius Point is now attracting many more opportunities on a monthly basis than they were when they first came to us. The best part of all of it is, they no longer need to manage many freelancers. They have one marketing agency they can trust, Cazarin Interactive.

Our work speaks for us.

See for yourself!

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