CLIENT NEED | Prihoda wanted to improve sales and enhance their brand

SOLUTION | Cazarin made an impact with a strong brand

THE CLIENT | Prihoda Fabric Duct

Prihoda Fabric Duct is a manufacturing company that sells customized air ducts made of durable cloth material for buildings. Their company is small, but their reach is international, having made over 70,000 installations worldwide. Prihoda needed a brand to reflect the grand impact of their work.


This business wanted to improve sales. Prihoda’s team was too busy handling the day-to-day operations to focus on marketing and building the brand. Their sales representatives needed marketing materials that reflected the unconventional and comprehensive solutions that Prihoda offers. They wanted an outside perspective to enhance the brand in a way that was going to improve sales. In stepped Cazarin Interactive, a team with extensive marketing experience lifting up brands.

SOLUTIONS | Scope of Work

Cazarin started by telling the story of Prihoda’s impact in a visual manner on all their marketing and advertising materials.

  • Complete branding
  • Brand messaging
  • New website
  • New brochures
  • Web nurture support

We applied our signature Marketing Fusion approach to Prihoda’s brand and focused on empowering their distributors to make a bigger impact with a strong brand. We applied the storybrand approach to their branding to show their prospects all the creations that Prihoda can make happen on a global scale. We elevated their social media presence to tell the story of all their capabilities and enhance their image. Prihoda takes a unique approach to their cooling systems that truly takes into account all the needs of their customers. Other cooling systems are not built with so much detail and consideration as Prihoda puts into every project.


With a new brand that is attractive and understood by many they have achieved these benefits:

  • Prihoda’s sales cycle has been reduced greatly,
  • Sales team and distributors are invigorated and empowered to be successful,
  • Prihoda’s Brand is elevated to a new level.

Testimonial from Prihoda's President

We have had trouble getting a Distributor Rep in some states for quite some time for various reasons and have been missing out on market share in specific states. We recently had a Distributor Rep that covers states we were missing.  They will be ordering a very big job soon with several more behind. They are also interested in representing us in several states. This is extremely positive for us for short and long term.

We asked them how they found us expecting, hear that they saw as at a TradeShow…. Nope.  He Googled something along the lines of “HVAC agriculture duct” and landed on our agriculture page. After going through our website he was very impressed and inclined to reach out for a quote.

This was mostly SEO and web development marketing efforts, but I also have seen evidence recently that the Social media effort is making our relationships with our distributor reps stronger too while giving us a very nice digital presence “out there”.

Please pass this on to your entire Cazarin team, very well done.  We appreciate the team’s effort.

A.S. President of Prihoda Fabric Duct North America.

Our work speaks for us.

See for yourself!

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