CLIENT NEED | Captivating LinkedIn Leads

Meghan Doll Photography, a local branding and headshot photographer.

CLIENT CHALLENGES | lacking a strong brand on LinkedIn

The client wasn’t filling up as many photography session spots on her calendar as she wanted. She was also lacking a strong brand on LinkedIn and wanted to expand her reach to a more B2B, corporate audience.


We knew corporate headshots were going to be a unique and powerful offer to the LinkedIn community. Using LinkedIn as a tool to create more leads for this photographer would also be an opportunity for her to identify professionals who needed this service by the looks of their profile photos and attract them with her whimsical and fun personality. It all just came down to the right messaging.

We created a series of social media posts that shared value to her existing and new connections, created urgency around headshot photography and the holidays, and brought a refreshing taste of personality to what can often be a stale LinkedIn feed. We created a unique landing page for a headshot package special and layered this into a message campaign that went to the new connections we were creating for her. We focused on two audiences, one being HR managers and professionals, and the other being business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Results | Page views Increased by 433%

Within 5 months, we created 21 “hot” leads, which were people ready to book a session with her. 74 people responded to her messages and she now has 348 new connections of people in her target audience which she can engage with on LinkedIn at any time. At least 12 more leads warmed up with interest in booking at a future date. At a 39% connection request acceptance rate, that was our best yet and we attribute it to the engaging connection request message we designed that shares her passions.

Starting with a previously inactive page, we got her 64 post engagements in the first month and a post with over 1,500 impressions. Page views on her LinkedIn Company Page increased by 433% in five months.

The demographics of her followers fell into the exact categories of what she was trying to achieve.

Our work speaks for us.

See for yourself!

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