CLIENT NEED | Expand into the US Market

SOLUTION | Cazarin created an online presence and helped acquire distributors

THE CLIENT | Mazzoni Pumps

A world leader in high pressure pumps, Italy-based Mazzoni offers its customers the highest level of technology and professionalism in the industry.  Seeing quick success in Europe and several countries of Asia and Africa, Mazzoni was building a reputation as a premier leader in pumps and components manufacturing for industrial cleaning. 

Forefront on the minds at Mazzoni is respect for the environment. The entire production — from the materials used in the production factory in Cavriago, Italy to the low noise emissions in the  manufacturing process — are in compliance with directives to always protect the environment.   

These are the pillars of the company Mazzoni, always at the service of its customers and their communities.

CLIENT CHALLENGES | Slow Expansion into the U.S. Market

With more than 50 years in business, Mazzoni was ready to expand into the United States and was looking for ways to make inroads with American consumers.  Knowing it was difficult for US prospects to find Mazzoni organically and navigate to a translated website, they needed someone with U.S.-based experience to customize their website for optimization and brand visibility.  That’s when Mazzoni reached out to the Cazarin Interactive team.

SOLUTIONS | Scope of Work

  • Extensive US Customer Demographic Research
  • Custom-built Website
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Enhanced SEO content creation
  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Secured Host Provider
  • Comparative Analysis of US Competitors
  • USA LinkedIn Company Profile

THE IMPACT | Mazzoni USA Creates a Splash

With their newly optimized website, Cazarin-supported web services and a new Mazzoni USA LinkedIn page specifically for their U.S. operations, Mazzoni began to see immediate results:  

Drove 12.9K organic impressions and 297 clicks with an average click-through-rate (CTR) of 2.3%

Increased website WooRank score by 8 points

Increased LinkedIn Social Selling Index by 7 points

Generated US-based leads through the website and LinkedIn

Increased LinkedIn connections and generated US-based leads

THE CAZARIN APPROACH | Custom Research and the Power of Two

The Cazarin Interactive team went to work conducting market research on U.S. customer demographics, U.S. competitors and potential new market areas.  Upon evaluation of their online infrastructure, we found that Mazzoni’s website was perfect for their existing client base, but since it lacked the performance needed to penetrate potential customers in the United States, they needed a unique strategy to enhance U.S. customer acquisition.

Introducing a brand new framework for their USA market, Cazarin’s approach was to build a new dedicated website for Mazzoni’s U.S. operations. Focusing our strategy on gaining organic traffic to their newly designed and keyword-rich website, the site was optimized with strong SEO content to help Mazzoni gain organic reach and extensive results for their new marketing promotion.  With enhanced website SEO, a secured host provider along with a mobile-friendly interface, Mazzoni began to see almost immediate results.   

Serving Industrial Cleaners Worldwide | From Reggio Emilia, Italy to New York, USA

Mazzoni’s manufacturing headquarters are located in Cavriago—in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy—near the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps and components for industrial cleaning.

Mazzoni’s US distribution headquarters are in New York where we work tirelessly to provide the latest and best-in-class technology for industrial and professional cleaners across the United States.

Our work speaks for us.

See for yourself!

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