Case Study

High Pressure Pump Manufacturers Splashes US Market

A world leader in high pressure pumps, Mazzoni offers its customers the highest level of technology and professionalism in the industry.  Seeing quick success in Europe and several countries of Asia and Africa, Mazzoni knew they needed a new strategy for expansion into the U.S. Market.  That’s where we came in. 


Environmentally Conscious

Forefront on the minds at Mazzoni is respect for the environment. The entire production — from the materials used in the production factory in Cavriago, Italy to the low noise emissions in the  manufacturing process — are in compliance with directives to always protect the environment.   

These are the pillars of the company Mazzoni, always at the service of its customers and their communities.


The strategic vision for Mazzoni was to grow their client base and to be recognized as a lead manufacturer across the globe.  Knowing it was difficult for US prospects to find Mazzoni organically and navigate to a translated website, they needed someone with U.S.-based experience to customize their website for optimization and brand visibility.  


Their existing website was perfect for their current client-base, but it lacked the performance needed to penetrate the potential customers in the United States.  The strategy included enhanced website SEO, a secured host provider along with a mobile-friendly interface.

A New, Custom-Built Solution

Through market research on potential U.S. customer demographics, U.S. competitors and potential new market areas, Cazarin Interactive presented Mazzoni with a secondary website designed to represent Mazzoni operations in the United States.  We focused our strategy on gaining organic traffic to their newly designed and keyword-rich website.  The optimized site with strong SEO page content  was designed to help Mazzoni gain organic reach and results for their new marketing promotion.

Our work speaks for us.

See for yourself!