CLIENT NEED | General Pump needed a better way to showcase more than 5000 products

SOLUTION | Cazarin created a robust digital catalog with enhanced capabilities

THE CLIENT | General Pump

General Pump in St. Paul, MN is known as the leader in plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning industry, and offer a full line of pumps for other industries across the board, including Vehicle Wash, Sewer Jetting, Oil and Gas, Mining, Misting and many more. General Pump stands as a premier distribution partner, known for its innovation and expertise. Guided by their motto ‘We Will Find a Way,’ the company is deeply committed to exceptional customer service and innovative problem-solving. The company’s Minnesota headquarters, spanning 54,000 square feet, is a hub for design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution, showcasing its dedication to excellence.

CLIENT CHALLENGES | Needed a Top-Tier Catalog

As a frontrunner in plunger pump development worldwide, General Pump recognized that their website had grown a bit stale and needed some major updates. The catalog they presented didn’t truly reflect the entirety of their extensive collection. Aware that they lacked the internal resources to create the robust online catalog they knew was essential, they reached out to Cazarin Interactive. The aim was clear: collaborate on building a top-tier catalog that could effectively cater to their clients’ needs.

SOLUTIONS | Scope of Work

  • Robust Online Digital Catalog
  • Web Maintenance
  • Host Provider

THE IMPACT | Real Results

Still wanting to increase the number of leads, we began an SEO strategy that helped Boker’s land:


User-friendly Catalog website


Reduces Cart Abandonment


Quicker Sales (Used by Sales Team to Decrease Sales Cycle)


Customer Retention

THE CAZARIN APPROACH | Creating a Digital Home for 5K Products

Right from our initial discovery call with General Pump, it was clear why they hold the reins in pump distribution worldwide. Their diverse range of products positions them as the go-to destination for all things pump-related. During our discussions, the sharing of catalog sites we had successfully developed for past clients resonated perfectly with General Pump’s needs. Together, we kickstarted the project and began to create a dynamic digital catalog site capable of accommodating their extensive inventory of over 5,000 products.  

THE OUTCOME | Powering Up The Pump Catalog

Creating a comprehensive catalog of 5,000 products is no small feat, but with the combined expertise of the Cazarin and General Pump teams, the endeavor evolved flawlessly. The digital catalog surpassed the bounds of a mere product listing. Meticulously categorized, it boasts vibrant product descriptions, accompanied by vivid color images, informative PDF spec sheets, and interlinked related products. The scale of this extensive online catalog necessitates hosting web services and continuous web maintenance, ensuring the site remains current, seamlessly operational, and free from glitches.

Almost immediately following the website launch, General Pump found themselves inundated with glowing reviews from their clients. The site’s efficiency in showcasing products was precisely what the company needed, and it didn’t go unnoticed. The sales team also benefited, using the catalog to boost sales and expedite the sales process. Overall, the positive response led to highly satisfied customers, fostering a strong sense of customer loyalty for General Pump.

Our work speaks for us.

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