Discover How Your Business Stacks Against The Competition

Get a competitive analysis report that shows you how to get ahead of your biggest competitors.



Gain Key Insights

Get a report that compares key metrics to provide critical insights you can use to surpass your competition. No long-term commitments necessary.


Overtake The Competition

The best way to outrank your competition is to discover what they’re doing. Then do it better. We help you understand the strategies your competitors use to gain market share. So you can turn the tides in your favor.


Review Your Results Live

A lot of time and detail goes into building your competitive analysis. Review your results on a free call with our CEO so you understand every detail.

How To Qualify

  • You must have a business with headquarters in the US
  • Or have a company overseas that exports products and services to the US
  • You must have an annual revenue of $1 million or more

How It Works

  • Share what you do with our team
  • Let us compare your business to competitors
  • Explore your results on a Zoom call

What's Available In Your Competitive Analysis Report

Cazarin Interactive can prepare one free competitive analysis report in the areas listed below.
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Website Audit

  • Get a comparative report that examines your tone and messaging against competitors to identify how you can craft copy that resonates strongly with potential customers.
  • Receive a CTA analysis that identifies competitor calls-to-action and what makes them effective.
  • Understand the sales flow on competitor sites, best practices they’re using, and best practices that still need to be implemented.
  • Obtain a curated list of recommendations to help you overtake the competition.

SEO Audit

  • Understand which keywords competitors are ranking for organically, and how you compare in search results.
  • Identify keyword gaps you can capitalize upon to create a competitive edge.
  • See how your site performs in terms of back-end speed and functionality.
    • Find bad links
    • Identify slow pages
    • See which images need optimization
    • Get an overall User Experience grade

See How You Rank Against Your Top 3 Competitors

Get a Competitive Analysis report from Cazarin Interactive.
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