CLIENT NEED | Boker’s Wanted To Generate More Leads and Sales

SOLUTION | Cazarin Implemented Three Stages Of Success

THE CLIENT | Boker’s, Inc.

Boker’s, Inc. is a metal stamping manufacturer of precision metal stampings, washers, spacers, and shims.  As their history dates back to 1919, Boker’s has always centered around family, quality, and customer support.  Five generations later, Boker’s is proud to be a certified Woman-Owned business and set out on a mission to be a leader in the stamping industry.  With custom stamping capabilities covering a complete range of sizes in various thicknesses and materials, Boker’s continuously embarks on process improvements, incorporating training, engaging employees, and creating the most cost-effective processes for their clients.


Boker’s never had a problem establishing new relationships with vendors and contractors and was a little surprised in 2008 when orders began to slow down.  More than 100 years in the making, they knew they had a phenomenal product list, had capabilities that far exceeded their competition, and could help clients solve design engineering challenges with their custom orders.  So what was standing in the way of new orders?  They weren’t positive, but they knew they had not put enough attention into their website, and perhaps customers were finding their competitors first.   

Reflecting on a saying by Bill Tedlund, founder of Boker’s (and grandfather of the current owner): “It is important to know what you know, but it’s more important to know what you don’t know and who to go to”.   Those words could not have been any more clear.  After interviewing with eight marketing agencies, Boker’s decided to work with Cazarin Interactive because they felt we asked the right questions and wanted to focus on building relationships with their customers and contractors.

SOLUTIONS | Scope of Work

  • Website development and design
  • Brand Messaging
  • SEO
  • SEM Campaign
  • International research and marketing
  • Web hosting services

THE IMPACT | Real Results

As an ongoing project, the Boker’s marketing plan was set in three different stages.  Upon completion of the first phase, their new persuasion architecture website brought in:


increase in leads (within 3 weeks)

Still wanting to increase the number of leads, we began an SEO strategy that helped Boker’s land:


leads per day


leads per week



Three years later, the launch of their International SEM campaign resulted in:


leads daily (worldwide)

THE CAZARIN APPROACH | Building On Their Strengths

After our first meeting with Boker’s, we knew this was a powerhouse of a company.  They knew what they were doing, where they wanted to go, and how to focus on their customers.  The only thing standing in their way was their online presence.  We began our work in 2008 by focusing on their brand and discovering what sets them apart from their competitors.  We found that their customers, and potential new customers, needed to know more about their engineering design, the faster than fast quoting process, and the flexible ‘Just-in-Time’ and ‘Dock-to-Stock’ programs.  Once we had all their strengths and differentiating factors uncovered, we began building a brand marketing strategy that would quickly bring in more customer orders than ever before.

THE OUTCOME | Three Stages of Marketing Success

Before implementing the marketing plan, Boker’s was already getting about five leads per month and had a goal to generate at least ten leads every month.  But something surprising happened after the launch of the new website and mobile platform.  Within three weeks of launching the site, the results were staggering!  Boker’s quickly got their ten leads per month, and then some!  They began to see 20 per week, which soon led to 80 generated leads per month, an 800% increase!  To say the least, this was an absolute success!

More than impressed with the results, Boker asked if we could do even more to improve that number. From there, we were able to implement a full SEO campaign complete with Google Ads, content marketing, and a social media strategy. The results of the second phase of the campaign brought in more than 20 leads daily, surpassing all expectations.

A few years later, Boker’s and Cazarin teamed up again to expand their market internationally.  We worked together to build a campaign that would allow Boker’s to expand their current shipping efforts from just within North America to shipping globally.  We performed a worldwide SEM campaign, which boosted their brand awareness in over 50 countries.

IN THEIR WORDS | What Boker’s Has To Say

We are very glad to have Cazarin Interactive as our digital marketing partner for so many years.  You are our secret marketing team!

Amy Kersey – President & CEO, Bokers

Our work speaks for us.

See for yourself!

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