Basic Host

Includes Hosting Basic
$125  Monthly
(Paid Quarterly)
Hosting on a Shared Environment
WordPress Monthly Patching
WordPress Monthly Patching and reviewing – 1 hour monthly
Daily Cloud Backup
Commitment for 1 year and any additional hour is at $135 instead of $150.
SSL Certificate
Total Hours of Support in a 12-month period Only Patching NO marketing support 12 hours of patching annually

Unsafe if one of the websites security is compromised the rest of them usually get compromised as well.

WordPress is put together by a theme and plugins. It is like putting together a puzzle of programming code. The theme and plugins need to be updated regularly, often weekly and sometimes monthly. Recommend twice per month.

Backup on the Cloud to have a good disaster recovery plan. If it is on the cloud it is usually in backed on a couple physical places.

Savings on work we perform becomes less expensive to you.

Secured Certificate to protect your website.  It is needed whether or not you capture prospect information.  Google has demanded a certificate for over two years now.

You will receive preference and a higher level of response from our technical support staff.

We are setting up each website on a dedicated website for best performance and security.

We put in place a Firewall to monitor attacks.

We provide a comprehensive report to show you the health of your website.

A sophisticated application to make your website 100% ADA compliant.

We can install a Firewall to protect the website and be able to monitor attacks or traffic from Asia or Europe.

Cazarin has developed a widget to make it easier to contact your company. It is on the screen ALL the time.

Maintenance Plan Selection

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