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Rental Research

Simplified Resident Screening from Rental Research

Instant Inquiry 3.0 is your complete resident screening solution. It includes:

  • A fully-automated, fully-integrated online rental application
  • A comprehensive, full color, easy-to-read resident screening report, including a decision tool
  • Exclusive add-on features, such as full color analysis reports, a national renter report card database with free submission, and the ability to easily place accounts for collection with our affiliated collection agency, Interstate Credit Control

Comprehensive Searches

The Instant Inquiry 3.0 Resident Screening Report contains all of the following information:
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Housing History Search

Covering unlawful detainers, eviction records, and forceable entry and detainer records, our Rental Report Card database search is incredibly comprehensive. Our proprietary unlawful detainer database is constantly purified to help ensure a higher percentage of verified returns.
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Criminal Record Search

National Criminal Index database search pulls information from nearly 500 million criminal records from across the nation.
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Credit History Search

We provide a national credit report that includes an overall credit score. The report is color-coded for easy reading and interpretation.

A Strategic Partnership that Caters to Your Needs

Cazarin Interactive specializes in property management marketing, including the design and development of this industry’s most effective and intuitive website solutions.

Rental Research Services, with nearly 44 years in the business, specializes in comprehensive, convenient, and inexpensive resident screening solutions.

Together, Cazarin Interactive and Rental Research Services offer a one-of-a-kind, one-stop solution for all your rental property management needs. We invite you to take advantage of this strategic partnership by enjoying the reduced pricing available for customers who engage both businesses.

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