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Marketing Specialists

Analyze Market Research, Develop Marketing Strategies, Deliver Marketing Plan

Marketing Specialists help businesses figure out what sells by performing market research and analysis on trends that shape a marketing strategy. Participating in brainstorming sessions, Marketing Specialists provide analytical insights and reporting with regards to how a business process or a digital marketing activity has created lead generation, website traffic, and other KPIs.

Marketing Specialists applicants should have experience in outbound or inbound marketing activities, including content development, optimization, advertising, and promotional events. Looking for a collaborative team member with the ability to enhance lead generation, brand awareness, product launches, email marketing, and social media using digital tools such as Google Analytics, Marketo, Hubspot, Adobe Creative Suite, or WordPress. A successful Marketing Specialist has its finger on the pulse of what is the best way to market a product and how to help a company make more money.

MARKETING SPECIALISTS Specifically, they should:

  • Perform market research and analysis to gain insights on habits and trends to shape a marketing strategy
  • Take part in brainstorming sessions, offering analytical insights to develop and plan creative marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness
  • Assist outbound or inbound marketing activities (content development and optimization, advertising, events planning etc.)
  • Work with external vendors to execute promotional events and campaigns
  • Collaborate with team members to help optimize marketing automation, lead generation, brand awareness, content creation, new product launches, social media, and other marketing efforts
  • Assist in the execution of marketing initiatives to reach the target audience through appropriate channels (social media, e-mail, etc.)
  • Create, maintain, and distribute monthly marketing reports showing achievement of critical metrics regarding lead generation, content creation, website traffic, and other KPIs



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