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Are you having issues with web forms emails being returned or bouncing?

This might be affecting your website if forms on the site send an email to you that is “from” the person who filled out the form.

In an effort to reduce spamming, many email providers are adding features that prevent third party email servers, like a website form, from sending mail using an email account that doesn’t belong to them.

For example, your customer visits your website and submits the contact us form with their personal email account The form is turned into an email that uses the from field of Unfortunately, Yahoo has blocked third party mailing and the web form contact email may never reach you.

How can I fix this?

Contact your Cazarin Interactive and ask for a Web Form Upgrade.

We can modify the web forms on your website to send all forms using an internal email address; where possible we use the reply-to field so when you get the email you can still reply directly to the web site visitor. Please note that not all systems support the reply-to field and in these cases you will need to use forward instead of reply. The website visitor’s email address is always included in the content of the form for your benefit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional assistance.