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Dear Valued Client:

Cazarin Interactive wants you to know that we are aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect on Friday, 5/25/18. To help you understand the GDPR, and how it applies to you and your website, we have put together the following information, recommendations, and helpful resources.

GDPR - The Basics

  • If you store data for, or sell/advertise to residents of the European Union (EU), GDPR applies to you
  • GDPR gives EU residents more visibility and control over their personal data, how websites collect it, who they share it with, and what tracking technologies they use
  • GDPR requires you to inform customers of what information you collect, store, and share, and has specific rules around the consent you need before you can collect personal data on EU citizens
  • GDPR requires you to only store personal information of EU residents for a defendable period of time

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