Cazarin Interactive: Official Google Partners

As of April 2014, Cazarin Interactive is an official Google AdWords Partner! What does this mean for Cazarin—and more importantly, our customers?

It means our AdWords accounts are optimized.

To achieve Partner Status, we had to pass a performance threshold. Our AdWords accounts aren’t a collection of broad-match keywords that have been left to perform as they will. Instead, our customer’s accounts consist of tightly targeted keywords with more specific match types, ensuring we capture the most relevant clicks. We review keyword performance regularly, adjusting bids, adding negative keywords to weed out less valuable clicks, and ensuring the whole campaign is logically and effectively structured.

It means the account managers have been certified.

The first hurdle for achieving partner status is getting individuals within the company certified. Certification requires taking and passing at least 2 out of 3 AdWords tests. The basic Fundamentals test is 90 questions with a minimum passing score of 85%; the other two are similar but target Display advertising and Search advertising individually. These tests ensure that whoever manages an account has studied AdWords best practices, and can provide the best return on our customer’s budget.

It means we’re always pushing for more.

It’s not enough to know best practices and set up a good campaign. To keep our Partner Status, we have to continually evaluate current tactics and constantly adjust our strategies. Our accounts don’t stagnate and our knowledge base isn’t static. We’re always looking for new ways to better our customer’s ROI, whether that’s through dynamic remarketing, carefully targeted display ads, or simply great copy on a search ad.

We’re pretty excited.

We believe that internet advertising is a great business to be in. With the rise of mobile usage and the constant evolution of targeting methods, it’s never been more relevant—and it’s still young. We’re excited to keep learning and growing, and we’ll keep you posted.

Erin is Cazarin's marketing manager and resident goat expert. Her favorite color is #330080, and her non-work life consists of Pinterest and a steady rotation of crafts.