“Composing the best of your business takes a fine balance of elements. There are infinite notes in the marketing spectrum, and striking just the right ones can be a deafening task. Arranging all the possibilities available can sometimes mean contending with seemingly counter intuitive ideas.”

Take SEO for example: the greatest tool for SEO is quality content, but quality is often determined by page views. That means people need to find your content before people can really find your content. The same goes for social media. If you don’t post often enough, your reach will start to decrease along with your engagement. If you post too often without enough engagement, your reach will still decrease. It can be a difficult task to achieve just the right mix to keep your audience invested without overstaying your welcome.

The marketing theater is filled with these subtle dichotomies that every business has to acknowledge. It takes a finely-tuned ear to separate the music from the noise and give the best elements center stage. Pulling together just the right pieces at the right time, that’s the essence of Marketing Fusion.

Tyler is Cazarin's master copywriter, but beyond the limericks and powerful headlines lies a marketing strategist to be reckoned with. His passions include branding, the impending doom of old-school SEO, and fine leather shoes.