Social Marketing Prism

Visually Organizing the World of Digital Marketing and Social Media

The famed Conversation Prism gets a revamp for 2013 with focus on social media usage and brand value. As a small business owner, finding targeted venues for genuine communication is top priority for any long term marketing strategy.

Depending on your audience this can range from trade shows and industry publications, to broadcast spots and event sponsorships. Today this exploration is beginning online through a mix of direct and inbound marketing efforts.

“It’s easy to get comfortable in our own corners of the web. We find what we need, settle in, and often ignore much of the net’s most fertile niches.”

The Conversation Prism gives a clear picture of how the social media landscape applies to your business. It presents digital marketing as an ongoing process of:

  1. Listening
  2. Learning
  3. Adapting

Every platform has its strengths when put to the right task. The prism puts the whole spectrum of options into context for how they can help build your business.

Communities like Fancy, Etsy and Pinterest are powerful for displaying consumer products and reaching a lifestyle segment whereas LinkedIn, BranchOut and Identified are ideal for building business referrals and expanding your professional network.

With so much potential on the web for valuable contact, knowing which tools to leverage and when becomes the most important question of your digital strategy.

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Tyler is Cazarin's master copywriter, but beyond the limericks and powerful headlines lies a marketing strategist to be reckoned with. His passions include branding, the impending doom of old-school SEO, and fine leather shoes.