Technology can be an amazing asset to help catapult a business to success. It is a versatile and agile vehicle to deliver sales and support while increasing your customer’s happiness from the comfort of anywhere: home, office or mobile device!

A solid technological foundation is mission-critical to your business. Our success is dependent on your success. The information technology team at Cazarin Interactive concentrates on two things to provide great service to you: a solid hosting foundation for websites and e-mails, and by providing attentive, helpful and friendly customer support that are eager to help.

We have been very busy improving our hosting services to you by updating equipment and software, providing an improved helpdesk portal and streamlining how you can access support. One of the top enhancements in recent months is continuing to update and maintain email services: mail servers received a substantial hardware upgrade to produce a more stable collaboration platform and increase performance.

One way that we measured success is by noting the difference in how long it took to navigate the Webmail website. Previously it could take anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds to go to a new page, and now, under normal circumstances, it is within a couple of seconds. Hopefully you can see the difference too!

Along with improved hardware, we are also continuing to improve upon the e-mail server software with ongoing software upgrades. This also assists in providing better performance and stability, bug fixes and feature additions.

In the upcoming days or weeks, we will also be releasing an exciting update to the Helpdesk Portal that will contain more support topics.

We want to hear from you! What do you like most about our helpdesk, support and hosting services? What can we do better? Please feel free to write to us by filling out the form on our Helpdesk Portal. Thank you!