Greetings blogosphere,

It’s my distinct pleasure to present you with the inaugural installment of the Caz Files. Here we’ll be taking a gander into what makes us all tick here at Cazarin Interactive , and how it applies to the work we do.

Having become a staple of every pseudo-insightful media culture blog around the world, it seems only right we get our venture off the ground with a good old fashioned TED Talk.

As copywriter, and token ad man for the office, I specialize in the production of intangible value. Or rather, brand value. The translation of tangible goods and services into the intangible motivations that lead us to seek them out. As the marketplace becomes ever more crowded with competition, having clear and well articulated brand value is your company’s most reliable means of differentiation.

With that in mind, it seemed only right that my first entry pay homage to another ad man and champion of the intangible, Rory Sutherland. In his 2009 talk, Rory runs down a litany of social and economic issues throughout history that were solved through simple shifts in perception. In the case of the Canadian whole grain cereal, Shreddies, a 45 degree rotation was all that was needed to shed a new and playful light onto an old familiar product.

While these may be extreme or absurd examples, they are precisely the sorts of challenges we face every day. We are responsible for constructing digital lenses out of pixels and ideas through which you can experience things old and new with fresh eyes.

For every client, there is always something new to be uncovered or expressed, and we strive everyday to bring those attributes to light. As the good Mr. Sutherland quotes at the close of this talk, “We are perishing from want of wonder, not want of wonders.”

Whether tangible or not, there is plenty to be amazed with all around us. It just takes the right perspective to put it all to work.

Tyler is Cazarin's master copywriter, but beyond the limericks and powerful headlines lies a marketing strategist to be reckoned with. His passions include branding, the impending doom of old-school SEO, and fine leather shoes.