“As a small business owner, your social media mix is your greatest asset for building market share and earning genuine engagement from your audience.”

Not long ago, the efforts of marketing, social media and SEO worked towards the same goals, but were approached very differently. Those days are gone.

Today a well crafted content marketing strategy can serve all of these purposes while still delivering trackable results. A recent article from Mashable shows exactly how in 7 simple tips.

Successful marketing has always been the product of closely understanding your business and the people it serves. Translating this simple principle into an effective content strategy requires focusing less on what you provide, and more on why customers buy.

If that motivation isn’t completely clear, social media can shed some light on the subject. Using the platforms available early and often allows you to focus group your brand in real time and hone your messaging to suit the audience you are attracting.

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Making Social Media an Effective Tool

For social media to be an effective tool, you need to provide valuable content that benefits your audience. This value can be monetary, informational, or just entertaining. Everyone’s favorite renegade entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck outlines this principle in Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook. This boxing metaphor equates to building a routine of non sales content before making the ask for customers to take action.

This approach requires broadening the focus of your content, and being comfortable to speak on things other than your brand and why you’re amazing. To make sure you have a diverse palette of content to share, try building a few different core content areas customers can engage with, but still touch on relevant attributes of your business.

Of course, your customers won’t magically engage with your content. Engagement has to be cultivated through a mix of owned, earned and paid media. Diversifying in this way will help any brand leverage their content for the greatest overall impact.

“If you plan on giving your content a serious mixed media push, it has to look good and make others look good for sharing it.”

Sloppy content that doesn’t clearly demonstrate its value is never going to spark a social firestorm. This can be as simple as grooming your link previews and knowing the right photo dimensions for your platforms. Details like these are what can make or break any piece of content on the web.

Before you can determine if your content has been made or broken, you have to know what it’s supposed to achieve. There are plenty of worthwhile outcomes from simple awareness to consumption, engagement and ultimate action. Ideally, you content will be so good that it triggers all these results. Even If it only produces a few impressions, clicks, or shares, each of these touchpoints are valuable steps in the digital sales funnel.

Once you get to know your audience and how to provide them value, pick your best distribution channels, and create a solid plan for measurement, your content will be set to take off across social media and accelerate your digital marketing strategy.

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