Search Engine Optimization is Like a Dating Game Show

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to ensure information about your business, what you do and why you are unique gets to the correct audience.

You could think of SEO like Chuck Barris’ The Dating Game show from the 1970s. Chuck would have one unmarried woman behind a screen and she would ask questions of three men who are potential mates. Through a series of questions the bachelorette would select one man to go on a date with.

How is this related to Search Engine Optimization?

When someone searches for a service or product through Google, or another search engine, they are using a series of keywords to define and refine their search so they get exactly what they want. Just like the bachelorette in Chuck’s show is trying to find the best match through a series of questions. Luckily search engines have complex algorithms in place which help match a person with the perfect mate. And, you would like your website to be the one they end up choosing. Unlike The Dating Game a person searching for a product has more than 3 potential matches. There are literally more than 640 million active matches a searcher could potentially land on.

So how do you ensure that a searcher selects you?

You need to have valuable information about your product or service that people want. And you need to show this through a well written, designed and accessible website. Most important, you need to be relevant. If you sell X widget and someone who needs Y widget finds our website, you are not relevant. You want to connect with the people who need X widget.

Search Engine Optimization helps to make your website valuable and relevant. Stay tuned to our next blog post to find out how SEO does this.