website entrepeneur

Recently Cazarin’s very own Ricardo Ortizcazarin was featured on the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts website celebrating successful entrepreneurs.

Here is what the U of M has to say about their graduates:

“The stories of our alumni entrepreneurs are not only remarkable in their own right, but also inspirational for today’s students, who may become CLA’s entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

Ricardo was profiled in an article entitled, “Seeing What Is Not Yet There.”

An excerpt:

“The company’s beginnings were humble: Ricardo and a two-person staff created websites in what he calls his home basement’s “bat cave.” Its growth has been profound: Today, Cazarin flourishes as a digital marketing company with a 19-person staff headquartered in an office suite in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The company still does website design, but has expanded to multimedia marketing, offering both strategic and tactical solutions to its clients.

Ricardo loves to recount the stories—both satisfying and formidable—that chronicle those years between the modest start-up and the flourishing business. He remembers the potential but skeptical client who said he could meet for only a hurried 30 minutes, but became so enthused about the company’s services that he stretched the meeting to two hours, offered a tour of his plant, and signed up for marketing help.”

You can read the full story at the College of Liberal Arts’ successful entrepreneurs site.