Three major issues of many property management companies are:

  1. Advertising available space
  2. Screening possible tenants to find the right one
  3. Easily and efficiently collecting payments

By using online solutions provided by Cazarin Interactive you can mitigate many of these ongoing struggles. Cazarin has worked with many different property management companies and has assisted them in developing effective and efficient strategies to run their business and provide a more seamless process to their tenants.

3D Floor Plans

Advertising Available Space

A picture says a thousand words. What are images of your property saying? And who are they attracting? You can revolutionize the way your space is advertised by using 3D Floor Plans. A primary rule for real estate is that the prospective buyer must be able to see themselves in the space. 3D Floor Plans help bring your space alive.

Tenant Screening

Screen Possible Tenants

Moving tenants in and out of a space can be costly for a property management company if the move is spontaneous and a future tenant isn’t recruited. Getting the right tenant into your space from the beginning will lay the groundwork for a long leasing relationship which will help prevent loss of income between leases. By using Cazarin’s Instant Inquiry Resident Screening service you will be able to search housing history, criminal background checks and credit checks.

online payment

Collecting Payments

Time is money. You can reduce the amount of time it takes to collect monthly payments by switching to an online payment system. This type of system offers your tenants the convenience of paying online and eliminates the time it would take you to deposit paper checks.

Contact Cazarin to learn more about using online tools to advertise your space, find the right tenants and collect monthly payments will be attractive to tenants and be good for your business.