2014 was a great year for Cazarin Interactive.

While many changes were made last year, one of the most valuable was placing the right employees in the right positions within the company. As a leader I have learned to not only look at the skills of the individual, but to understand their personalities and communicate with them to learn their personal aspirations. This has enabled me to understand each individual and obtain some important insights into my staff. Before I learned what I’ve learned, I made the assumption that everyone saw the world in the same or similar manner as I did. We all have different facets that makes us individuals.

Learning as much as possible about each team member will enable you to yield the best production for the benefit of the company.

I have learned from experience and from executive coaching that if we are able to tap into the human potential of each individual and, as a leader, to inspire them to be passionate, then the sky is the limit. You can reach the synergy of not just a company, but a thriving organization that seeks greatness. The need for micro management and detailed policies should be obsolete if you are able to align the team’s professional development with the goals and objectives of the company. Individuals will care for the well being and success of the company because they know that the success of the company will benefit everyone — that their contribution is important and everyone has a role to play toward success.

One extremely successful leader is Lou Holtz, college football coach extraordinaire.

He made sure that even the water boy of the team was respected and had an important role. During a practice one of the players disrespected the water boy and Lou explained how important he was to the team. Without him the players would be dehydrated and could not perform to their full potential. The player was taught respect and warned if he did it again he would be benched. For a team to thrive there must be common courtesy and respect. At Cazarin we have implemented these core values for our team: Mutual Assistance, Intellectual growth, Trust, Responsible Conduct and Integrity.

I recently came across this FUN video which really represents a passionate leader.

The narration of the video creates a great perspective on passion and leadership. Please note the Social Interaction and the fact that passion leads to something great. I want to think of myself as a serious leader. However if I believe in something I don’t mind making a fool of myself.

Watch this GREAT, fun video and have a smile within 3 minutes.

Cheers to you!

Ricardo started Cazarin Interactive in his basement in 1998, with the crazy idea that the World Wide Web was about to change business forever.